Fortte Launches new “Flex-Fit” Cases

Hey All!  It’s been a while since I posted a review but I am back from my hiatus now!  I figured I would start off with a review on a new product from my favourite leather case manufacturer, Fortte!

Recently, Fortte had launched a new line of leather cases called “Flex-Fit”.  I’m sure by now, most of you can picture what this is.  Basically, it is a new style of leather holster that allows phones that either have a skin or a hard-shell on them to fit in the case, but at the same time, allows for the phone to fit in the case without said skin attached!

The cases are composed primarily of leather.  For its flexibility, Fortte has decided to use an elastically material (very high quality) to allow for a variety of skins to fit over users’ phones.  Because of the variable thickness of the cases, Fortte has had to switch from their standard “magnetic” clasp to a Velcro enclosure.

For an example of what I was able to fit, I obtained the iPhone 3Gs version of the case from Fortte.  I tested the iPhone with both the Incase Slider (which by the way is an excellent case) installed on the iPhone and without it.  In both instances, the iPhone fit nice and snug in the case, even after prolonged use with the Incase Slider installed on the iPhone.  This shows that the elastic material used is of high quality and should not wear out very quickly.


All in all, I am very happy with the product.  I know that I am not the only user that hates putting their “oversized” phones in their pockets and Fortte has come out with a great solution in solving this problem! Available on many of their product lines (including the BlackBerry), the Flex-Fit line of cases will be a good solution for users looking to add just that little bit of extra protection to their phone without sacrificing weight and pocket real-estate!

Below are some more pictures showing off the case!

IMG00001-20091106-1145 IMG00002-20091106-1145 IMG00003-20091106-1145 IMG00004-20091106-1146

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