More New, Premium Themes from idberry…MacBerry, Lakers & Ferrari


I don’t know how  idberry does it, but they consistently put out some very nice themes in a short amount of time. Theme junkies like me gotta love them for that! Anyway, I haven’t even gotten the chance to test all three of their latest themes but didn’t want to wait for that before mentioning them here.

This first theme is called MacBerry and the concept is pretty cool. On the main screen you have a top bar of customizable icons (I believe the amount differs between devices) and at the bottom you have 5 permanent icons that when you scroll over them, changes the wallpaper background (see screen shot to the right). Pretty darn cool huh!? I was able to test this theme out on my Bold and it works real nice. Honestly, I prefer more simple styled themes because at my age, I get confused easily. However, if you like changing wallpapers…this kind of theme may be your thing. Available for $6.99 for the 8900 & 9000 (store link is below).

Moving on…

The second of idberry’s themes is in honor of 2009’s NBA Champions, the Lakers and the concept is interesting. According to Deddy, on the home screen you have (6) user customizable icons that are actually pictures of some of the more popular Laker’s players. As you scroll over each one, the picture of the icon displays as the wallpaper in the background. Lakers is available for a variety of BlackBerry devices for $6.99.


Last, but not least, is Ferrari which is also a changing wallpaper theme similar to that of the first two. Also available for a variety of BlackBerry devices. Ferrari costs $6.99 and is available in the store link below.


I would, as always, read the theme descriptions in full as well as viewing all the screen shots for your appropriate device, as they may differ slightly. This way, you can be sure you are getting the theme you want. All 3 themes are available at our Berryreview Store. (Just note that there are two pages of themes)

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  1. ok where is the link for the theme?

  2. OK, are the last 2 themes copyright infringing? Does the Indonesia based theme website really get the authorizations from official LA Lakers and the Ferrari S.p.A. to use both their respective materials for premium purposes? Remember the Luis Vitton theme made by Now it is called Luxiah actually.

  3. Actually we first made those themes and distributed for free only closed communities, and we haven’t even publish them at our website (
    Then by coincidence i found similar themes at
    Ferrari :
    Lakers :

    Just asking your opinion : how about those themes? Let’s start an open and equal discussion about this.

  4. Red Ferrari & Lakers are now unpublished from mobihand catalog. So, how about those other themes out there? ;))

  5. Copyright is allways a problem.
    A real shame as they are great looking themes.

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