Review: Toysoft NotNow – Ignore and Send Friendly SMS

Capture19_13_18Review: Toysoft NotNow – Ignore and Send Friendly SMS
Cost: $5.95 USD from the store

Over the last little bit, I have had the opportunity to play around with Toysoft’s NotNow.  In a nutshell, this software allows you to ignore a call and then send that caller a message from a list of pre-programmed messages programmed by you.

Let me give you a real life scenario to better explain.  Have you ever found yourself in a meeting where you were unable to leave, and, at the same time, were not able to answer the call without disturbing everyone?  What NotNow will do is allow you to send a text to the person trying to call you saying that you are in a meeting and you will call them back.  This is especially useful for those who work retail and often find themselves dealing with customers and don’t have a spare minute to take the call!


One really cool feature that I like is the programs ability to only send the SMS if the number calling is programmed in your phonebook as a Mobile number.  The reason for this is that many providers charge if you send an SMS to a landline.  The other feature that I really like is the ability to customize the text messages that are available to send instead of being forced to use a predefined set.  This allows for the user to send the proper text message to their caller based on the specific situation.  The final feature in the software is the DND feature.  By enabling DND, the phone will automatically ignore all calls for a predetermined set of time and send a single SMS to all those callers. DND will also link to your calendar via keyword (much like Toysoft’s Profiler) in the sense that when an event matching that keyword occurs, the phone will automatically switch to DND mode. For example, if you have “meeting” scheduled, and “meeting” is your keyword in DND mode, than every time you have a meeting, your phone will switch to DND mode!  The only feature I’d like to see added to DND mode is the ability to have different messages based on the scenario and / or user calling you.

One quick note to add for Blackberry Storm users.  Please make sure you disable compatibility mode for NotNow to ensure that it functions properly! This can be done from: settings, advanced, applications.  Select NotNow, open the Menu, and choose “disable compatibility mode”, then reboot your device!


-Very easy to use
-Ability to set an unlimited amount of messages (provided you purchase the software)
-DND mode and its linking to calendar ability
-Affordable for all users

-Only single reply message when in DND mode

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