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I don’t know about all of you but it seems like most of the shows I watch these days are on Bravo TV. I love Real Housewives of Orange County (shopping therapy – even if it’s for someone else), Kathy Griffin (she’s hilarious) and my absolute fave, Top Chef. So I was really happy to see they had a mobile site and even happier when I discovered they had a Blackberry launcher. BravoTV To Go offers an interactive site that includes episode information, blogs and even some games. To visit their site, and download the BravoTV launcher, visit from your Blackberry (scroll down to see the Blackberry launcher download link). For more information on BravoTV’s mobile site in general, you can visit here.

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  1. Again, can someone please remind me why BlackBerry launchers are of any value? They clutter up a homescreen/device with a single link. Build a basic text file of a web page with your favorite links and then make it your home page. Its simple and makes launchers worthless (well they already are LOL). Or wait – even if you don’t want to make a text file web page, just freaking bookmark the website on your BB instead of downloading a link launcher. I will never understand how these things became at all popular.

  2. No need to come out of the closet because you just did.

  3. Kyle is sooo right. Launchers are stupid. I was hoping this post was gonna say you could view actual shows. Oh well. Guess we still have YouTube.

    Jrunck, news flash… AT LEAST ONE OF THE CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS BLOG IS FEMALE. Further more, liking shows that some might think are for women/gays doesn’t automatically mean one is in the closet. Open your mind earthling.

  4. Sorry to disappoint guys – some people do like launchers so thought it was worth a mention. Oh and yes, I am a female. I figure people know that when they see the name Vicky on my posts. That being said, I know lots of guys that like Real Housewives. You can probably imagine why 😉

  5. Why would you bookmark every link that’s more work!
    Ie:(click your browser and then click your bookmarks and then scroll down your thousand links) your Nuts!!! That’s Old school!

    Icons are for fast retrievel !!!

    Why would I the Hell scroll through a lot of bookmarks!!!

    Oh by the way you have Only a few icons on home screen,but if you hit you bb button you have all icons.
    They is no crowding on home screen!!!!

    You can add a folder in and move all your icons into that folder.Dah!!

    Anyways thanks Vicky for post I will tell my wife about this.

  6. LMAO!!!

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