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Camera Focus Lock & Face Detection Added In BlackBerry OS

  BlackBerry has snuck another cool feature into OS 10.2 without telling anyone. BBin noticed that BlackBerry added the ability to lock the focus on the camera and video camera in OS Many of you may already be on a later leaked version that has this feature so try it out. All you need…


S4BB Application Lock Pro Locks Apps With Multiple Presets (Free Single App Locks)

S4BB has jumped into the application locking game with Application Lock Pro. AdN let us know that they also released free smaller apps that only lock a single application like the calendar, contacts, or internet. The cool twist that S4BB added to differentiate Application Lock Pro is presets or profiles. That lets you set specific…


Innovative Free Slide Launcher Opens Apps From Your Lock Screen

  I am usually not a huge fan of third party lock screen replacements but this latest one by Risto Mobile Solutions really impressed me. (Thanks Jeff via BBNews.pl) Their new Slide Launcher trys to mimic the slide to unlock and launch features seen on some recent Android devices. It lets you launch BBM, camera,…


Smart Lock Combines Slide to Unlock Screen With Profile Switcher

A friend of mine showed me Smart Lock on his BlackBerry Torch 9860 and I was impressed. It combines the overdone Slide to Lock/Unlock replacement screen with a few twists. First of all it adds a slide to change profile option which is especially useful on the 9860 that does not have a keyboard for…


RIM Patent Shows Off Pressure Sensitive Password Entry

I am not sure what to make to this latest patent to be approved by the USPTO. It is for a “Pressure password for a touchscreen device” and mostly describes unlocking your device by pushing down on certain areas. Here is how they describe it: A handheld communication or computing device having a touchscreen interface…


Akdas Infotech Releases Three Free BlackBerry Smartphone Apps

Akdas Infotech let us know about their release of three free BlackBerry smartphone apps that I think are worth mentioning. The first is a simple yet cute SMS viewer and composer that will spice up your SMS messages.The best I can describe it is as a theme for your SMS. The second two allow you…


RIM Awarded Patent for Pattern Tap to Unlock

  RIM was just awarded a patent for their “System and method for locking and unlocking access to an electronic device” that they applied for back in 2006. Engadget spotted the fact that the patent was just approved this week. The patent describes users tapping a pattern on a device to unlock or lock the…


Free Drag Lock Lite App Gives You A Taste of Pro Version

    Bulbera has a pretty slick Drag Lock app that sort of mimics the HTC style drag to unlock screen on Android phones. They have also released a lite version of their app that gives you a free trial of their pro version while leaving a good number of features intact after the trial….

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