Retail Support Reps Across Canada and the US Sent Packing

  Although John Chen has assured us that BlackBerry will remain a player in the handset business, he has also made it clear that there will be a focus on businesses. Marketstar, a company that has worked with BlackBerry to promote and support their products has been forced to lay off some of their reps…


Snap2Chat 3rd Party SnapChat Client Lands on BlackBerry World

BlackBerry just did the right thing and allowed a 3rd party developer to step in where SnapChat has failed. As we told you to expect, Snap2Chat is now available for all in BlackBerry World. This means all of you can now get native SnapChat going on your devices. The app is pretty awesome if you…


BlackBerry Messenger Used To Facilitate Disaster Recovery Efforts In Emergencies

After a series of flooding, the City of Waterloo decided to ditch emailing and head on straight to BBM. This created a better way to centralize communications with the disaster recovery teams as they found communicating via email made communications disjointed and delayed.


Goldman Sachs Maintains Neutral Rating For BlackBerry

Even after talking to John Chen, Goldman Sachs has maintained its neutral rating for BlackBerry. Whether or not this is called for, I am no anal-yst nor finance guru, so I shall leave it to you to decide. But, take a look at what they said.


BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 Releasing By End Of Year?

Last week, BlackBerry announced that Adobe Air support will be removed from the BlackBerry OS, starting with OS 10.3.1 and above. However, they failed to mention when it was going to come. Lucas spotted that they had this additional sentence which might just tell us when!


Twitter for BlackBerry 10 Update Lands in the Beta Zone

BlackBerry has pushed out a quick update to Twitter for BlackBerry 10 in the Beta Zone. Nothing fancy here but it is a nice update that fixes some bugs. Check out the latest by getting BlackBerry Beta Zone registered for the program here and installing the Beta Zone app. Features include: Save Tweets as Drafts,…


Snap2Chat BlackBerry 10 “SnapChat” Client Gets BlackBerry World Approval

BlackBerry first laid the kibosh down on the awesome developer of Snap2Chat when he tried submitting his third party SnapChat client into BlackBerry World. There was a big protest and it looks like BlackBerry has relented. The developer announced on the Snap2Chat Facebook page that they have been approved for BlackBerry World. He has decided…


Chen Confirms BlackBerry Classic Launch in November Along With BES 12?

While I was out for Passover, BlackBerry CEO John Chen sat down with Maria Bartiromo to discuss where he sees BlackBerry going. In an interesting move he reiterated how important BlackBerry loyalists are to him and how he has a plan to release the “BlackBerry Classic” model with its physical buttons in November. I thought…

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