ShopBlackBerry Drops Price for All White BlackBerry 10 Phones by $100

For some inexplicable reason ShopBlackBerry decided to have a white supremacy sale in their store for BlackBerry 10 devices that happen to be white. All of the devices in their white models are $100 less than they used to be yesterday. It has to make you wonder why a color should cost more or less……


BlackBerry Takes Good Marketing to Task in Latest #BBFactCheck

BlackBerry has promised to take on some of their most vocal critics when they are flat out wrong using their #BBFactCheck shaming method. Their latest is the notorious Good Technology that keeps on comparing the BlackBerry of 2010 with Good’s current solution. BlackBerry has taken them to task in the image above and in this…


BlackBerry Sends Out Notice Of Impending Shutdown of Scoreloop

BlackBerry acquired Scoreloop in June of 2011 and now 3 years later it looks like they are shutting it down. Scoreloop started as a cross platform social gaming network that supported BlackBerry along with Android, Bada, iOS, and Windows Phone. BlackBerry then incorporated it into BlackBerry 10 as a gaming leaderboard with achievements and more….


BBM for Windows Phone Enters Private Beta With Launch This Month

  John Chen stated that BBM for Windows Phone was coming in July and it looks like he will hit that target. CNET spotted the beta of BBM for Windows Phone showing up in the Microsoft Windows Store on Monday. It is currently in beta and they are only opening it to those who have…


Will Our Phones Be Built By Fully Automated Robots Or Humans?

It is no secret that BlackBerry has contracted Foxconn, the world’s largest contract-manufacturer, to build their devices. Together with their other mega-client, foxconn is already having trouble keeping up with the demand for Apple’s iPhone. To alleviate this issue, as well as the human rights issue that has been plaguing the company, they planning to…


How Easy Is The BlackBerry 10? Let A Two Year Old Show You!

So people have said many times, BlackBerry 10 is hard to use because of its steep learning curve. But is that true? Let’s check this fact out with a two year old, Cherry.


BlackBerry Squashes Rumor of QNX Team Moving to Volkswagen

There was a rumor brewing that some of BlackBerry’s QNX technology was sold to Volkswagen (via Seeking Alpha) in the deal we recently told you about. This deal was for employees and R&D assets that only ever supported BlackBerry product efforts and there is nothing to do with QNX. This is all part of BlackBerry…


BlackBerry Explains Some of the BlackBerry Passport Design Inspiration

BlackBerry has not told us much about the design of the upcoming revolutionary Passport device until now. We have been able to piece together a bit but now BlackBerry has finally come out and rounded out a few details about why they are returning to the classic square screen in a larger form factor. They…

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