BlackBerry Classic Physical Keyboard 4 Times More Accurate than Virtual Keyboard

BlackBerry just dropped an interesting stat on their studies between their physical and virtual keyboards on BlackBerry. They found that their fastest speed typers were actually hitting the next key milliseconds after the previous key was depressed and not waiting for it to come back up. They also dropped an interesting stat that they have…


BrickBreaker Returns On the BlackBerry Classic!

BlackBerry just did what many wanted them to do since BlackBerry 10 launched. They have brought back the classic BrickBreaker game that will truly mean a whole new meaning for classic. I can’t wait to see how the high scores compare.


Jeff Gadway Describes the BlackBerry Classic

Jeff just hit the stage to explain what makes the BlackBerry Classic and what that means to BlackBerry. He starts with the RIM 950 in 1998 and then hits on the keyboard on the 9900 that really set the bar. That device is still hugely popular on Wall Street but BlackBerry has been trying to…


BlackBerry Classic Revealed at Launch Event

John Chen is on stage right now revealing the BlackBerry Classic and you can feel the excitement. It is all about having more power and control for BlackBerry 10 compared to the older BlackBerry 7 devices. All about the keyboard and navigation keys. What’s really appropriate is that they are presenting this where BlackBerry all…


BlackBerry To Ring The Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell

Later, after the BlackBerry Classic Launch in New York, BlackBerry apparently plans to make a statement. The company will visit the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square to ring the market closing bell. In honor of the occasion, James Yersh, BlackBerry’s Chief Financial Officer, will ring the Closing Bell.


BlackBerry Classic Promo Video

As we count down to the BlackBerry Classic launch, BlackBerry has released the promotional video for it. Are you excited for it? Are you getting one?


Watch The BlackBerry Classic Launch Event Live From NYC!

Well, most of us probably would not be able to attend the launch event in New York, but that does not mean we are kept out of the loop. BlackBerry will be opening up the live stream of the BlackBerry Classic Launch Event, live from New York, this Wednesday! Nonetheless, that aside, we will have…


BlackBerry Festive Giveaway Starting on BlackBerry World!

Christmas has come early on BlackBerry World! BlackBerry has started the BlackBerry Application giveaways which will last for 2 week, and they will refresh the application every week. So here’s to this week’s free applications!

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