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BlackBerry Says Claims of High BlackBerry Z10 Returns are “Absolutely False”

We told you there was something suspect about the analyst claims of an abnormally high return rate for the BlackBerry Z10. Now BlackBerry has gone on the record to respond to this wild speculation in no uncertain terms by stating that “this is absolutely false.” They sent the following statement out which confirms as much:…


BlackBerry 10 Marketing Blitz Continues in Canada

  Up here in Canada it’s tough not to know about the BlackBerry Z10. We see ads from carriers and direct from BlackBerry in all forms. Billboards, on the side of buses and commuter trains, newspapers, radio, and TV commercials are filled with the Z10 and it’s most popular features. It is so nice to…


AT&T Rolling Out OS to the BlackBerry Z10

I am loving how quickly AT&T is rolling out OS updates to their BlackBerry Z10 especially compared to the dated Verizon OS versions. This OS update brings us to v10.0.10.822 which AT&T dubs as release v10.0.10.116. BlackBerry specifically calls out improvements to battery life along with general improvements and third party app support for the…


BlackBerry Z10 Launches in Hong Kong

We have been hearing from readers and BlackBerry as the BlackBerry Z10 rolls out to more countries every week. This week we have Hong Kong getting its BlackBerry Z10 fix along with a few others including Slovenia. The BlackBerry Z10 is available now from 1O1O, 3 Hong Kong, China Mobile Hong Kong, one2free, PCCW mobile,…


Amazon Offers BlackBerry Z10 Starting at $99.99 on AT&T & Verizon

  Amazon busted out with some of the lowest prices on the BlackBerry Z10 from AT&T and Verizon that I have seen. If you are creating a new account (or adding a line on Verizon) you can get the BlackBerry Z10 for just $99.99 with a contract. If you are just upgrading a phone or…


Movistar Busts Out the “Harlem Shake” in BlackBerry Z10 Commercial

  The commercials for the BlackBerry Z10 are starting to roll out worldwide and its interesting to see which features are shown off for each carrier and country. The latest is from Spanish carrier Movistar spotted by Adam over @CrackBerry (Thanks PaulT for the tip!) that tries to go for the latest “Harlem Shake” trend….


Verizon Runs BlackBerry Z10 Commercial Showing Off BBM Video

  Quite a few of you let us know about the latest commercial that dropped for the BlackBerry Z10. This one is coming from Verizon and it is actually very good. It focuses on the BBM Video feature instead of going super high level like the current BlackBerry commercials. Check it out below and let…


BlackBerry Z10 Awarded Telstra’s "Blue Tick" For Solid Rural Coverage

This is a nice boost for BlackBerry in Australia. Telstra awarded the BlackBerry Z10 their coveted “Blue Tick” which means it has passed their rigorous testing for rural coverage. As CrackBerrypoints out most of the BlackBerry Z10’s competition does not have the Blue Tick. That means the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are not…

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