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OS Leaks for the BlackBerry Z10 STL100-2/3/4 & Q10 SQN-X & SQR-X, No 100-1

I love it when leaks come before weekends, I can install them and fully explore them with no pressure about having work get in the way.  Last night the BerryLeaks team dropped OS10.2.0.1725 for the Z10, (no 100-1 support) then later confirmed that with a radio swap it works on the Q10.  There are some…


Sideload Apps that use Google Maps API with this APK hack!

The new adventure of “sideloading” has certainly taken on quite an evolution: Back since OS 2 of the Playbook and the early days of BB10, we were able to quickly sideload simple apps – but not apps using Android native code. Along came what has become known as “the xsacha method” to use the DebugToken…


Android Runtime Without Permanent Back Bar Now Available for Sideloading (10.2)

Attention all Android sideloaders. Ofutur let us know that BerryLeaks has put out the version of the Android VM that allows you to hide the action bar in Android apps. The permanent bar is now gone which is a godsend on the smaller Q10 screen. It really makes you wonder what BlackBerry was thinking… You…


Unlocked Android Runtime for BlackBerry 10 Appears Online

So, one of the biggest things that helps us love our BlackBerry 10 devices, is the Android runtime that is baked in.  It allows us to use converted Android apps, but there has always been a drawback.  BlackBerry has set limitations to how the runtime worked, or which apps it would let us use and…


BlackBerry Z10 Gets Disassembly and Repair Instructions for Common Fixes

The crew over at ETradeSupply has long be selling BlackBerry 10 and older parts for repair and replacement. They usually are one of the first to get the replacement parts in stock and show them off. Now they have put together the basic steps needed to disassemble the BlackBerry Z10 to repair common items like…


LocalBar2 Brings On Device Sideloading (With Proxy) Back to BlackBerry 10

Some of you may remember LocalBar by Yohanes and its ability to sideload apps onto your PlayBook without a desktop. BlackBerry closed that loop but the developers found a way around it using a proxy. Now the OSBB team has decided to recompile LocalBar for BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook and bring back the fun….


Apple’s iMessage Servers Decide Whether you get your SMS or Not if you Switched to BlackBerry 10

Bla1ze of CrackBerry posted a very interesting article this morning about iMessage giving users who have switched to BlackBerry 10, as well as to other platforms SMS issues.  Because iMessage is nothing more than glorified text messaging that goes through their servers, some BlackBerry 10 users are reporting that they are not getting their messages….


ALPHA OS for the BlackBerry Z10 Leaks

So a lot of news and excitement has been floating around today about OS 10.2 and the SDK’s launching that were  mentioned at BlackBerry Jam.  From there it didn’t take much time for the actual ALPHA  of 10.2 to leak from well know CrackBerry Forum member Kris. Here is what he had to say as…

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