Review – Callpod Fuel Tank Uno

Review – Callpod Fuel Tank Uno [rating: 10] Price: $39.95 Imagine, if you will, driving down the road. You’re listening to your iPod and feeling the breeze through your open windows. Only now, your car starts to overheat so you pull over. Of course, you reach for your phone to call someone for help when you…


Review: FreddyJump for Storm

Review: FreddyJump for Storm [Rating: 10] Cost: $3.99 at the BerryReview Store There are so many games on the market now for the Storm. The accelerometer makes it easy for developers to create more iPhone-like games. And one game that takes this idea is FreddyJump, created by Lone Drawf Games. Makers of Freddy Falling.


Review: DrugLord Wars for Storm

Review: DrugLord Wars for Storm [rating:10] Cost: $3.99 in the Store I have always loved the game DopeWars and have played it since it was available for the Palm Pilot. Mainly, the game is about drugs: buying low and selling high and manuvering your way from city to city avoiding the cops and other drug dealers….


Storm OTA – Storm Dedicated Website

Today’s tip comes from our reader, Peter. He found an awesome website dedicated to the BlackBerry Storm. This website has all kinds of fun and useful application for your beloved. There is even a section that is 5.0-compatible. Each listing clearly states their prices or whether they’re free. If you’ve created an application for the…


Review: Wi-Ex zBoost Cell Phone Signal Extender – Extend Your Cell Coverage

How many times do you receive a call in a bad area of your home and end up like the Verizon guy, “Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?” I have to do that all the time in my apartment. There just happens to be a specific area on my couch gets…


MyCaption – Speak Your SMS now

Review: MyCaption [rating:8] Website: Update from MyCaption: I was notified that the prices have changed. Pay-As-You-Go is now 10 minutes for $5.00 up to 80 minutes for $40.00 and Subscription is now 10 minutes for $4.00 up to 200 minutes for $56.00. In California, there is a law that went into effect in July…


SMS Contact by BBerryApp

We just got word from BBerryApp that they have created an app that allows the sending of contact information through SMS text. You can also choose what information you want to include: home, work and/or mobile phone numbers, emails and PINs. Sadly, does not include a way to send addresses or any other information. To…


SmartestCover Contest Winners!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments in the SmartestCover Contest. The following readers have won their choice of either Landscape (Qwerty) or Portrait (SureType) Covers for their Storm: Richard Haroon Choudery Lakersfan2416 Nurse Berry Mulder SaloMog Mattguyver bertrum2k Cinnamon Gnaylor PK Marvin Williamson Bomarco Emails will be sent to the winners. Congratulations…

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