FCC Clearing Wi-Fi Congestion with More 5Ghz Bandwidth

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The Federal Communication Commission may approve a proposal for the policy of technical standards to provide more airwaves for wireless devices on March 31. In this way, the licensed and unlicensed spectrum can share the 5 GHz band. This would essentially double the available bandwidth in 5Ghz Wi-Fi by allowing unlicensed access on the 5Ghz spectrum currently used by satellite phone provider Globalstar.

Most of the wifi traffic now uses the 2.4 GHz band. It’s the home of countless other devices including Bluetooth, wireless speakers, and microwaves. We use unlicensed devices every day and the devices are growing exponentially. Examples are numerous: when you connect your device to the Internet, when you turn on a baby monitor overnight, when you use a garage door opener in the morning. So, the spectrum that powers wifi and a slew of daily activities and devices is getting crowded and congested. So far we have seen a fair amount of Wi-Fi devices move to the 5Ghz spectrum and its only going to grow. Thankfully it looks like the FCC has plans to offer more room for Wi-Fi to grow.

If the proposal is approved, we can expect faster Internet service and less crossed signal disruption in your daily life. Sadly the 5Ghz bands do not travel or penetrate walls as well as the 2.4Ghz bands but at least they offer faster transfer speeds.

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