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Turn Emails Into Calendar Items in BlackBerry 10 With One Click


One of the coolest features BlackBerry added in the BlackBerry hub is a simple but powerful button in the email overflow menu. If you are viewing an email and want to convert it into a calendar entry you can do it by selecting the “Invite to Meeting” option. That will automatically open a calendar entry with the same subject and text of the message as a note. It will also include the sender as an attendee for the meeting to send them an invite.

IMG_00000528 IMG_00000529

This is a great power user feature that I used to pay for on BlackBerry 7. Kudos to BlackBerry for including it!

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  1. So will this link it to the Google calendar?

  2. Yup you can link to any calendar you wish

  3. What I have ALWAYS hoped for is since the BlackBerry has always recognized who is calling if it is someone in the address book and wants an appointment booked in the Calendar to do it automatically without having to type name and phone number; just open menu and have an option for that. This way I can just open the Calendar and if I need to call someone that is in there it will save a lot of steps. Hope it makes sense to whoever reads this, it does to me.

    • Ther ae some free apps that do this – Call Notes Pro. But, ea it would be a nice if it was alread integrated into the OS.

      • I’ve had Call Notes on my BlackBerry but seldom use it because it takes too many steps and that is what I would like to avoid. Native would be great!
        I use my Calendar every day because all my work is by appointment only and my Clients either call or text to book appointments and it takes too many steps.
        Thank you though.

    • What about converting emails to tasks like in outlook?

  4. This is certainly a nice feature. I regularly get emails that I convert to appointments so this will come in handy.

  5. Ronen,

    Thanks for the info. As a side note, would you mind the task of explaining the Outlook situation as pertains to BB10?

    I am seeing comments under articles that BB10 does not support for Outlook, and that you can’t get emails if you have BB10. I am not up on the subject enough to explain in a coherent manner. I do know the issue has to do with your email provider and that there are some variables. However, at this point people are throwing up their hands suggesting how terrible this all is and that BB blew it.



    • I am not quite sure what you are referring to Nick. I know some people are bummed that there is no Sync connector for outlook over USB but most are finding a way to do it free wirelessly with Gmail,, Yahoo, and other services

  6. Ronen,

    Please check the comments under this article, it has some of the conversation I was referring to. I also noticed it other articles. You know how this stuff spreads.

    Also, please ignore my childish spat with Winnie, I couldn’t help my self 🙂


  7. Hi Nick: When Z10 first came out many people couldn’t sync with a standalone version of Outlook which is different than what most businesses offer (BES or cloud versions for their employees). The work around was to port everything over to Gmail or Yahoo or some kind of cloud service. After that the BB10 would sync seamlessly. I had that problem and it was resolved when I ported the info over to Gmail. It just made a lot of people learn and do things differently.

    However I see on the Blog page today the instructions on how to link my Outlook to which will help me sync my info from Outlook to my Z10 (YAY Ronen and team).

    Yes there were a lot of kerfuffle about it but I believe it’s going to die down now since there are now instructions on how to sync standalone Outlook to Z10 is available.

    I love my Z10 and have no regrets and the only frustration was the initial fact that it didn’t immediately sync with my standalone Outlook like my previous BBs.

    For your info anybody who has seen my phone and played with it have fell in love with it.

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