Nintendo 64 (N64) Mupen64Plus Emulator for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Mario 64

Nintendo 64 fans can celebrate. We now have a N64 emulator for the PlayBook courtesy of CatalystG. He posted on OSBB about the release of the new emulator (Thanks Mackie for the tip). The emulator is based on the TouchPad emulator by Metricity and works quite well. I finally got a chance to set it up on my device and it is working quite well.

You can download the Mupen64Plus BAR file here from OSBB (source on Github) and follow the instructions below:


Download the .bar file and sideload it using the newest DDPB or similar tool.

Loading Games
*Disclaimer: We will not help obtaining games or any other files. Search elsewhere.

  1. To create the necessary folder structure, run Mupen64Plus-PB before trying to add roms.
  2. You should be shown an empty dialog box.
  3. Press “Cancel” and the application will exit.
  4. Next, connect your PlayBook to your computer or enable wireless sharing.
  5. Open “My Computer” and select the BlackBerry network drive.
  6. Navigate to misc/n64/roms/ and copy your legally obtained games here.
  7. The dialog for picking games will also allow you to change the video plugin or disable the sound. At a minimum, a rom and at most one video plugin need to be used.

Hi-Res Textures:

To load Hi-Res textures:

  1. Run the target game first to create the needed folders.
  2. Find the texture packs online and copy into /misc/n64/hires_texture/[game]
  3. Start up the game and wait for it to load as it will take longer.

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