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Here we go, folks, stay tuned and hit that F5 key!

Alec Saunders music video, “The Waiting Is The Hardest Part.” Brilliant.

“Bring your code to the BlackBerry platform. Don’t be one of the huddled masses eking out a living from AdSense.

In the last fiscal year, the number of app vendors in BlackBerry up 254%. Same thing reported this morning.

Over 20,000 PlayBooks given away/seeded into the dev market. 77k+ for BBOS

99,500 apps in AppWorld.

SAP speaking, ported an app to PlayBook in 5 hours, HTML5-based. Same codebase running on BB 9900 and Dev Alpha.

Second “You didn’t find this in a bar, didja?” joke of the day.

Poynt, Margaret Glover-Campbell, Sr. VP, Marketing and External relations. Poynt has continued to grow and develop since 2008. Talking about itinerary planning that moves seamlessly from device to device.

Alec again.

“We’re invested in your success. Test your apps on a real-world device before launch.”

Dedicated developer support. Porting specialists.

Creating and launching “RIM Certified” dev cert to strengthen developer credentials in the marketplace.

Massive investment in app quality. “We will guarantee that every quality app submitted and approved in AppWorld will earn a minimum of $10,000 in the first year. If you don’t, we’ll write you a check.” ***Must be RIM-Certified, must have $1000 in sales. So certain restrictions apply. Do your homework before you jump on this, but RIM is putting its money where its mouth is.

BB10Jam World Tour to evangelize BB10 platform around the world.

Now Chris Smith is discussing api s. Photoshop exporter, Cascades builder, Ripple HTML5 emulator, Visual Studio plugin BBOS 5,6,7, PB. Updated developer sites to get you started, all live online right now.

RIM depends on the developer community to extend and project their platform experience for end users. Flow, connection, extension through interconnectivity.

Integrated sharing api. Flag an app for sharing, it gets pulled automatically.

Cascades Builder has live preview. See changes immediately as you apply them. No recompiling or reloading. Code directly into QML.

Nice Cascades demo from Accuweather. Live backgrounds.

Wikitude augmented reality browser, BBM integrated. Running on the Alpha

Looks like Magmic is up next.

Driving open source on PlayBook, BB10 is very open. Magmic now talking about moving from BBOS to BB10. Texas Hold’em King, 8 years out of 10 on BB. THK Live, realtime, online all the time. 6 weeks ago they started building a ground-up THK game in BB10.  BBOS 5, 7, BB10, and PlayBook devices all in the same poker room, live demo. Look for a public beta soon.

Alex Caccia, Marmalade. Demoing Lara Croft. Backbreaker 2 Football demo is pretty nice. Alpha dev device plays exactly the same binary as the PlayBook, took 2 hours to port.

HTML5 and Webworks, bbUI.js allows the same bar file to be loaded on different devices. It  automatically renders for the correct experience on each device.

Android runtime fully supported on the Alpha.

Alpha dev device exchangeable for a limited addition BB10 device when released. Must submit an app to AppWorld.

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  1. good job on reporting the event details… thanks

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