PlayBook WebWorks Swipedown Menu Javascript Micro-Framework (Swipemenu.js)


One of the things WebWorks developers on the PlayBook have been struggling with since launch is implementing a proper swipe down menu. RIM has offered some help with that over time and now they have taken things one step further with a micro-framework Javascript library called Swipemenu.js. It allows PlayBook WebWorks developers to easily integrate and customize a swipe down menu on the PlayBook.

Check out Swipemenu.js in RIM’s Github repository or the announcement on RIM’s opensource blog.

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  1. Hope this one works… I have tried their sample swipedown file, but it never worked properly…

  2. It does!

    The older swipedown sample did end up having a bug that was introduced over time when the Tablet OS changed. Those issues have been addressed in swipedown.js.

    However if you do ever discover an issue with swipemenu.js, please file bugs here:

  3. Why isn’t this part of the core WebWorks SDK itself?

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