AcousticSheep SleepPhones Review

Review: SleepPhones
Price: $39.95 – $54.95 @ Amazon

Problem: All earphones dig painfully in your ear while lying on your side and all headphones are too bulky to lay your head down flat. Most of the time, either option will only last several minutes before causing you to turn over and try another position.

Goal: Finding the most comfortable way to listen to music or watch a program on your phone without disturbing your bedmate or roommate.

Solution: SleepPhones!

I was eager to try out this product from the first photo I saw. When I received the product for review, my first impression was ultra-comfy and simple. I was also happy with the sight of one wire coming out of the band, allaying my fear of waking up tangled and strangled by several wires when I would use my regular earphones for sleeping purposes.

Fit. The headband is a light-weight fleece with some spandex for an easy fit around your head. It is like sleeping on a cloud. The speakers were designed to be thin and covered in material patches that can be adjusted within the headband for proper ear fit. They can be completely removed when you are ready to wash the band. The band can be worn with the cord coming out of the front or the back, depending on how you sleep and where you place your phone or mp3 player. There is an extra convenience of wear the band over your eyes if you are the type of person who needs complete darkness to fall asleep.

Sound Quality. The sound emitting from the speakers is slightly muffled, which is expected when they are covered in two layers of thicker material. I found it to be similar to wearing the most basic earphones while on the subway. However, the purpose of SleepPhones is for wearing them in bed with intent of  falling asleep. Being the case, the lack of perfect sound from these speakers is not something that truly affected me.

Conclusion. I highly recommend SleepPhones for those people who bring earphones to bed. The material is super comfortable, staying light around your face without overheating you. Those precious minutes before sleep are no longer wasted trying to adjust your head on the pillow with the earphones – the SleepPhones band goes on and adjusts in seconds. Although the price may seem a bit steep, I have found them to be truly worth it. They also make a great gift for the holiday season.

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