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Could RIM Announce PlayBook OS 2.0 Tonight During Earnings Call?


This is a ton of wishful thinking sparked by readers talking about it after the BlackBerry Bridge update earlier this morning. Still analysts are trying to hammer RIM before their earnings call tonight with speculated PlayBook sales in the half a million for the quarter. The question is if RIM will be able to shut them up with some amazing PlayBook news. The best thing for RIM to quell naysayers would be to launch both the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 and the Android Player tonight. We know that the Android Player is at least coming in some form before DevCon in mid October so maybe it will come out a bit early? Alternatively this could just be a small OS update for the PlayBook since the Bridge did not go up to v2.0… I just feel we would have seen some more leaks before an official OS 2.0 update.

Who knows but isn’t it fun to speculate?

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  1. RIM usually announces things a day or two after the call.

  2. Maybe.

    RIM has sold a lot of phones in the last 30 days, but the earnings call is in regards to the three month period ending August 27th. Most of the carriers were not up to speed on the BB7 rollout by then, so the numbers that RIM will be reporting may not be as high as they would like.

  3. I don’t think the bridge needs to be 2.0 associated with the new items per say.

    The main items

    Android app player

    are all native apps and have no bearing on the bridge system


    • No, but in the past, and update to Bridge has indicated that an update to the PlayBook OS is likely. The update to the Bridge part of that may be relatively minor. In fact the OS update as a whole may be relatively minor.

  4. that would be a smart thing to do to save face, and keep the stock price from nose diving…

  5. I’d do it no matter. Icing the cake or saving face, they lose nothing by doing that.

  6. As long as they can actually deliver, they should announce the v2.0 OS for the PlayBook. If sales have been good that will just make them better. If sales have not been good it should improve them. However, they should only announce it if they have an actual date for release and can meet it. Otherwise, they look foolish once again.

  7. The PlayBook really needed a boost. They kinda got one, and DevCon will hopefully reveal more goodies than we anticipate.

    RIM cannot afford to let the PlayBook vanish into obscurity — their future is wrapped up in the PlayBook: it’s called QNX. It is a great product! Poor marketing and their inability to get features like 3G/4G and native mail and calendar are hurting it.

    Before it gets a bad name, RIM needs to get 2.0 out fast!!

    • I agree, the sooner the better. October can’t end soon enough.

      They need to get 2.0 fast and then a PR ad campaign that shows how great they are. Apple owns at advertising and that’s the throne they need to be knocked from.

      QNX is insane and needs to be promoted for the potential it holds.

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