BES 5.0.2 Maintenance Release 2 Released for Exchange and Lotus

BES_server_cdOne of our tipsters let us know that RIM has released the much awaited BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.2 Maintenance Release 2 for both Exchange and Lotus. You can pick up the update at the regular BlackBerry links for each product and you can find the release notes of the fixed issues for Exchange below or at this link. The Lotus release notes are at this link.

BlackBerry Administration Service

  • In some circumstances, the Current Carrier field in the BlackBerry® Administration Service displayed the local wireless service provider instead of the home wireless service provider. (DT 242867)
  • If you ran more than one BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and more than one Microsoft® Exchange Server in a BlackBerry Domain, and you used a different service account for each BlackBerry Enterprise Server with permissions for each service account restricted to its corresponding Microsoft Exchange Server, the BlackBerry Administration Service might not have been able to access a user’s mailbox. (DT 604343)
  • In certain circumstances, you could not log in to the BlackBerry Administration Service using Microsoft® Active Directory® authentication. (DT 711491)
  • In certain circumstances, when a reconciliation task failed and other reconciliation tasks were dependent on the failed task, the BlackBerry Administration Service stopped unexpectedly. (DT 734596)
  • When you exported summary data for a large number of users in the BlackBerry Administration Service, the transaction time limit might have been exceeded, which prevented the action from completing successfully. (DT 508049)
  • The BlackBerry Administration Service could not manage users who have duplicate information in the BlackBerry Configuration Database. (DT 501446)
  • *If BlackBerry Administration Service instances in a pool experienced network connectivity issues, a notification that a task was complete might have been lost. When this issue occured, the task status might have changed to Failure, and the status for subsequent dependent tasks might have changed to Dependency Failure. The BlackBerry Administration Service did not complete subsequent dependent tasks. (DT 681866)
  • *When you tried to move a user from one BlackBerry Enterprise Server to another using the BlackBerry User Administration Service, the BlackBerry User Administration Service returned the error "Unable to move BlackBerry enabled user." (DT 648855)
  • *In certain circumstances, the BlackBerry Administration Service interface became unresponsive. The issue has been resolved to improve the stability of the BlackBerry Administration Service. (DT 756636)
  • *If you uninstall the BlackBerry MDS Integration Service by running the setup application again and deselecting the BlackBerry MDS Integration Service, you cannot delete the BlackBerry MDS Integration Service information from the BlackBerry Configuration Database. In the BlackBerry Administration Service, when you click Delete the instance for the BlackBerry MDS Integration Service on the Components view page, the BlackBerry Administration Service logs you out and does not delete the BlackBerry MDS Integration Service information. (DT 762391)

BlackBerry Attachment Service

  • BlackBerry device users could not view Microsoft® Word 2010 documents on their devices if the documents were saved in previous Microsoft Word formats, from Microsoft Word 97 to Microsoft Word 2003. (DT 684041)

BlackBerry MDS Connection Service

  • If a page set a cookie, the BlackBerry MDS Connection Service did not pass the cookie on to any other pages. (DT 486192)

BlackBerry Messaging Agent

  • If a BlackBerry device user sent an email message from the BlackBerry device and then flagged the email message for follow up in Microsoft® Outlook®, the email message was duplicated on the device. (DT 604997)
  • *If you configured the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to search for email addresses using LDAP, the search results could return the GUID of distribution lists, instead of the display name. (DT 719963)
  • *If your organization used MFCMAPI and a user deleted an email message from Microsoft Outlook, the message was not deleted from the device. (DT 731670)
  • *If a global catalog server stopped responding, MAPI returned the error "0x80040200 (MAPI_E_END_OF_SESSION)" to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. (DT 785495)

BlackBerry Monitoring Service

  • The BlackBerry Monitoring Service increased its usage of computer memory over 72 hours until the computer stops responding. (DT 647219)
  • *If you install the BlackBerry Monitoring Service on a virtual machine that runs the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows Server® 2008, a memory leak in the appsvc.exe process causes the virtual machine to stop responding. (DT 761232)
  • *When you tried to log into the BlackBerry Monitoring Service after September 4, 2010, it displayed the following error: "The application has encountered a system error. Please report this error to the System Administrator." (DT 848240)


  • When you configured a debugging tool such as ADPlus or the Debug Diagnostic Tool (DebugDiag) to monitor a BlackBerry Enterprise Server process specifically for first chance access violation (AV) exceptions and produced corresponding .dmp files, excessive amounts of .dmp files might have been produced. This might have resulted in performance degradation for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or loss of service due to low hard drive space. (DT 660577)
  • *When the BlackBerry Enterprise Server processed SMS text messages that were in Unicode, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server did not include the closing quote in its log file and fields are missing. (DT 587721)

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