Evan’s Pick of the Month for January

Review: Beats by Dr. Dre headphones from Monster
Price: Solo $199.95  Tour $189.95
Where to buy: www.beatsbydre.com

It’s often difficult to distinguish between headphones sometimes, however, it’s easy to know when you have a great pair. When you listen to a song you’ve heard a thousand times before, yet with a new pair of headphones it sounds like a completely different song, you know you’ve  got an amazing pair. That was my first experience when I put on Beats Solo by Dr Dre.

I was most impressed by that elusive quality to recreate the bass, something all audiophiles look for in good quality headphones. Not only does the Beats Solo accurately reproduce every bass note in its fullest dimension, but it gives each note an extra “oomph” so that you actually feel it. Just like a live show, every pound of the bass drum sends a shock wave right through your body.

Although the bass was my favorite, I wouldn’t be doing the Beats Solo justice if I missed how truly it reproduced every frequency of sound. It was so appealing to hear each note with no overlap. I was able to pick out each instrument in a song and focus exclusively on it, an aspect I usually only enjoy when at concert.

The physical design of the headphones is also worth a mentioning. The padding is super soft, making you want to keep them on and go to sleep. They also insulate my ears from the room in what I can only describe as being dangerous (in a good way). I even went to the extent to bang on my piano which usually drowns out all noise in its vicinity, but with my Beats Solo on I heard nothing as the sound was filtered out completely. (quite impressive!!!). They are lightweight and fold very nicely. It comes with a soft carrying case, but a little to big to stick in your pocket.

In comes Beats Tour by Dr. Dre……..

The Beats Tour is very comfortable especially for an in-ear headphones. It gives off a nice sound although I give the edge to the Beats Solo. Out of the two headphones you’re sure to find a favorite, as my brother loves the Beats Tour for his reasons while I am a fan of the Beats Solo. The Beats Tour has a unique flat cord, designed so that it is tangle free, something that’s lacking on the Beats Solo.

A feature that I haven’t used, but my brother who has an iPhone loves, is the ControlTalk with built-in mic. He hates how Apple enjoys keeping its customers to itself, forcing them to resort to lower quality headphones because of the controls and hands free calling. The ControlTalk with all Beats headphones was exactly what he loves. The control-talk features hands-free calling, audio, volume, play/pause, and tracking/scanning. With my BlackBerry and most new ones you are only able to use the hands-free calling, audio and pause.

I remember when wireless headphones were hot like 10 years ago, and everyone even myself wanted a pair. To be honest I bought a pair(and a very expensive one) and barely used it.  Another device to charge or plug in. That is how I feel about bluetooth headphones. Yes, at first everyone wants them but they are eye candy and not practical. Also since my BlackBerry is synced with my headset I like to have headphones that is not bluetooth. Go wired Go Monster! If I had to say one thing about the headphones, and you can quote me on this, it’s that Dr. Dre headphones are studio quality headphones that the regular person can enjoy, giving anyone the ability to hear every last detail. Bottom line, you can’t go wrong with either one and that’s why January’s Pick of the Month is Beats by Dr. Dre headphones from Monster.

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Note: We received demo units from the company in order to write this review.

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