The Road From iPhone Lemming to BlackBerry Addict


Happy Labor Day everyone! Its a light day so I thought I would throw this in for a little light reading and controversy.

Every few months I try out a new non-BlackBerry device to ensure I am not a blind follower of BlackBerryism. There is something about playing with a new gadget that is not the tried and true device you use day by day. For example, last month I gave the Samsung Jack a try since it looks like a pure rip-off of the BlackBerry Curve. Every time I set my expectations too high and return to my BlackBerry. Most of my friends claim that this is because I have become so accustomed to my BlackBerry that nothing will compare or even come close. Collectively my best friends are die hard addicts of everything from Sony Ericsson to Apple to Android.

That is why I LOVE shoving stories like this one by Dan Cohen on GearDiary and the previous high profile story from Om Malik in their faces. 🙂 (you know who you are) Dan from GearDiary plays out the story of how he went through over 5 devices starting from being an iPhone lemming ending with the BlackBerry Bold. I totally feel his story since I have gone through the same vetting process quite a few times myself and always returned to the BlackBerry OS.

Check out the story at this link and let me know what you think!

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  1. I wouldn’t exactly call this a “pro-BlackBerry article” as it’s more of an “anti-AT&T” commentary.

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