RIM MyBlackBerry Social Network – Launching Tomorrow?

Now that TechCrunch let the cat out of the bag I am allowed to talk about MyBlackBerry. I have been helping RIM with a new social network they are working on for BlackBerry users called MyBlackBerry. It is intended as a place for users to discuss their BlackBerry experience and share tips and tricks. They also hope to highlight new applications and accessories. I have been asked not to share any screenshots but TechCrunch got this one below:


Personally I think that they really need to either differentiate it from the current support forums and owners lounge or integrate the three. Right now there is no mobile component but I know it is on their wish list. You now get a customized bulletin board where you can discuss your BlackBerry and even a carrier specific forum.

The social network also lets you review software and send a link to your BlackBerry. Sadly these reviews are different from the App World so they are yet another catalog of applications from RIM. I also suggested to them that it would be cool if you could automatically upload a list of the current applications you have installed. Or at the very least integrate with App World so that it will show the applications you downloaded through that.

All in all it is a good start for RIM if it does launch tomorrow but I think it needs a lot of work. It will be yet another login for RIM’s website that you will have to remember…

You can checkout the splash page at this link. It will be kind of confusing that www.myblackberry.com forwards to a BIS login page…

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  1. Ronen, I heard that you worked with RIM on that? Is that true? Very nice!

  2. From what I have heard, Its US and Canada only at launch.


    Its a website, not App World. App World has had loads of legal issues to deal with. This a website with none of those legal issues.

    RIM is a world wide brand, yet they appear to have done it YET again. Releasing a product without worldwide coverage. Or at the very least, the English speaking part of it.

    It sometimes appears that RIM thinks Canada is the 52nd US State. This US/CDA only stuff gets really irksome at times.

    (For those who don’t know, the UK is considered by many to be the 51st state)

    End rant

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