Always Keep Your BlackBerry Holstered – Go Bluetooth!

holster-it Okay, I am not trying to be the texting-while-driving nanny – we’ve all done it. The news has been telling us how gadgets are both saving us and risking our lives. I have also been hearing commercials on the radio for On-Star, trying to scare me into paying for On-Star in my car, when I already have a cell phone. The commercial says that [paraphrased] "If you are in a wreck, your phone will fly out of reach, while you slowly bleed to death, and you can’t call for help, unless you have On-Star". [I think On-Star is slowly going the way of WebTV and email-only computers.]

Well, guess what? Even on short trips, I stick my Bluetooth earpiece on. I keep my BlackBerry Bold holstered all the time. If I check my email or text, which is rare, I do it at stoplights, and then I stick it back in the holster. The main thing is that I keep my BlackBerry Bold holstered all the time. If I get in a wreck, it will be attached to me, so there will be no ‘cellphone flying out of reach’ in the event of a wreck.

Also, even if my BlackBerry somehow escapes the holster, as long as it is within 10-15 feet of me, I can still call with my Bluetooth earpiece – with Voice Command. My BlackBerry could be laying in front of the car, in the grass or the median, or on the floor, with my legs pinned down with the steering column, and guess what? I can still make a call with it! Just remember to keep Bluetooth turned on; even though it takes a nibble out of your battery life, it is always better if the Bluetooth signal is there, when you need it.

Besides, the easiest way to make a call while driving is with a headset – push a tiny button to answer, once again to call, or hang up. With a Bluetooth earpiece, you can make a phone call and still adjust the radio, shave, fiddle with your hair, apply makeup, tend to a baby or even eat your breakfast, (or all of the above) while you are driving! I know, I know…just sayin’!

BTW, On-Star uses cellular signals, so if you are somewhere where you don’t have cell coverage, On-Star won’t work either.

Also, in stores nowadays, with rising crime rates, I don’t need criminals to see my Bold. My Bold looks like any old phone in the holster, but when I pull it out to make a call, people look at it, with that luxurious leatherette back, and silvery trim – (it’s a sexy phone). I am going to order the brown crocodile back cover soon, so it will be even sexier. I don’t want people to notice my phone. Bluetooth earpiece to the rescue!

Plus, if you live in the urban jungle, you might witness a crime, or have someone following you down the street and want to call the cops – easy with a Bluetooth earpiece. Touch your earpiece button, [boo-doo-loop], and say, "Dial 911". That’s better than grabbing your cell phone, and the perp noticing you making a call.

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  2. while i agree that onstar uses cellular as well. on many occasions my escalade had the ability to make and recieve calls while i had no service on my cellphone. (road to big bear, and at a rescue operation at Lake Piru.) i let people make calls from my car as noone had reception. the ONSTAR worked were cell phones didnt. the voice dialing on onstar is way better.

  3. Just so you know, I was not comparing the massive power of the On-Star device, with its virtually unlimited power source, much larger antenna and large scale electronics to my teeny-tiny BlackBerry Bold. These are two different devices. Apples and Oranges. Have you ever seen the electronic box for police car radios, in their trunks? As they say, “You might outrun the cops, but you can’t outrun their radios.”

    Sure, there are some places where On-Star will work, when a BlackBerry won’t. Once, when I drove through Maryland, I couldn’t even use my Bold (with AT&T service), and my wife couldn’t use her iPhone either (also with AT&T service).

    But all of the people that I know who bought a new car with On-Star (free for the first six months) switched it off after the free period. Especially with the current economy; they just couldn’t afford it. I guess my friends and I aren’t rich enough to use On-Star. And I DO think On-Star is slowly going the way of WebTV.

    But this article was not about On-Star – it was about the BlackBerry and its holster.

  4. The article is about OnStar, you are comparing YOUR usage of your blackberry to OnStar. I do agree OnStar might seem expensive for something you do not use a lot, but because you and the others in your group do not buy the OnStar service does not mean others aren’t. It seems to me the article comes off as some sort of justification that what you do is the correct thing to do and no one should do what you don’t. You don’t pay for the OnStar service so no one does (or should). You don’t use your phone for texting while in the car so no one should. (Except you feel that while sitting at traffic lights is OK for you to do what you like)

    Hopefully you will never get into an accident where you will need the OnStar but I think the real flaw in your theory is the bluetooth headset will be the first thing off of you in an accident. So if you are stuck in the car, and cant move, your holstered phone is useless to you and your family.

    Also just an FYI no one thinks you look cool walking around with a bluetooth on the side of your head, in fact the rest of society laughs at you and thinks you are a giant douche. (see how I, much like this entire article, just took an opinion and made it a fact).

    • What society are you talking about? You and your 20-something-year-old peeps? I don’t give a sh!t how ‘cool’ you think it is – I use my Bluetooth headset to increase my efficiency. I am on my BlackBerry practically all day long.

      I don’t know where you live, but here in the world of grown-ups, business people, like myself, are wearing and using Bluetooth headsets all over the place. Why is that? Because our time is valuable.

  5. b1gg134 the guy that posted this article is a total douche….he didn’t like my first comment so he ended up deleting my following ones, instead of coming with a good reply!!!

    I totally agree with you….

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