FAQ: BIS Filters Have Implicit Wildcards & Top Bottom Processing of Filters

Josep pointed me towards a interesting thread on the official BlackBerry forums by QueBall. QueBall did some digging and found some interesting information about how filters are processed in the BIS setup.

  1. Rules are processed from the top down (which makes sense) but there is no way to reorder a rule so that it is processed before the previous rule
  2. Rules automatically have implicit wildcards. That means [email protected] will also catch [email protected] in the same filter. Essentially every filter is *[email protected] adding a wildcard to the beginning.

That last rule can get really annoying. Say for example you have a friend who has [email protected] and you want to filter his email. That filter will also apply to other emails like [email protected].

Read up on all of QueBall’s finding at this link. I doubt that a ton of people are going to run into this issue but I can see it coming up so its worth knowing.

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