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090609211132Ani from let us know about their application called AddTo, which does exactly what the name implies: convert any email or SMS into an appointment or memo on your calendar. I always get email with appointments for meetings and other stuff that I need to remember later while am on the road, and sometimes I tend to forget when I get back to the office because my email automatically changes to READ once I open it on my BlackBerry. With this application, it’s easy to add email as appointments in my calendar without having to rely on copy or paste or switching back and forth. AddTo integrates as one of the the menu options, making it just a click away. You can also add Tasks and Memos out of your email and SMS. It is available now for $4.99 @ the Berryreview Store.

Editors note: There is a free app, OntoCalendar, that will let you move text from an email to your calendar but for anything more than that you will need AddTo.

Here is a description of the features from the developer:

AddTo allows you to interchange data between almost any two PIM apps. For example, you can send your Calendar entries (appointments) to Email, SMS or create Tasks and Memos out of it! Similarly, you can send your Tasks to Email or SMS and create Appointments and Memos out of it! Or you can create Tasks and Appointments out of your Memos. AddTo provides a simple point-and-click interface that enables you to instantly transfer data – no select, scroll, copy, paste and switching required. Go, download for a simpler lifestyle!

Summary of features:

  • Drop-dead simple interface – just click!
  • Create Appointment, Tasks and Memos out of Email & SMS
  • Send your Appointment as Email, SMS or create Tasks and Memos out of it.
  • Send your Tasks as Email or SMS, or create Appointments and Memos out of it.
  • Send your Memos as Email or SMS, or create Tasks and Appointments out of it.
  • Umpteen configuration options to fine-tune the smallest feature the way you want.

I did not have any problems while testing it on both the 8900 and the Storm. I added tasks, appointments, memos with ease. If you have any problems, sound off in the comment section below.

AddTo works on pretty much any of the popular BlackBerry devices. If you have a 7130 and up, I am sure you will be able to use this application, and it works great on the Storm. This application is also available from BlackBerry App World, just search for AddTo and you should be able to find it. The best part is that is has a free trial for you to test it out before you buy, which is something many developers should do with their apps.

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  1. Re : OntoCalendar. It copies SMS & E-mails to Tasks/Calender.
    IF you really want to copy to Memo then use Atomichelix Notify! (also free).

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