BerryDialer Calling Card App 80% Off Until May 27th – $4.99

berrydialer BerryDialer is a very easy to use calling card application for BlackBerry from S4BB. In my opinion it is their flagship product and has been around longer than any other calling card app as far as I remember. It works very well and automatically sets up long distance calls from your address book using a new menu option. I use it all the time with my 3U Telecom (Now called Telna) account which saves me a ton on international calls!

Features include:

  • Integrates with the native BlackBerry applications!
  • Dial from your phonebook/phonelog without entering any calling card details!
  • BerryDialer can store up to 100 calling cards simultaneously.
  • No need to change any number in the details of your contact
  • Latest Feature Adds:
  • Supported languages: English, German, Spanish (Castilian & Catalan)
  • Remembers last used calling card.
  • Supports “dial through” calling cards (server side calling card / caller id separation).

You can pick it up in the store for $4.99 without a coupon until May 27th. The regular price is $29.99 so this is a steal. Definitely a recommended buy if you call internationally.

PS: Sorry for the old screenshot but my VMware install on my MacBook is acting up so screenshots are a bit hard until I fix it.

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