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A friend of mine was looking for some kind of service that would let him listen to his email and reply by voice since he is constantly on the road. After a little research, I came across Voice on the Go, which offers exactly what he was looking for. This service allows you to keep your eyes on the road and hand on the wheel for safe driving. I know that a lot of us BlackBerry users are always tempted to look at our BlackBerry while driving. Just a few days ago, I read of a story about a Wash. police chief getting into a minor accident while using his BlackBerry. It seems it is hard to keep your eyes on the road these days since the mobile technology allows us to stay connected with friends and our social web life on the go. Some states such as the one I live in have passed laws that prohibit cell phone use while driving unless you are using a hands-free kit. Voice on the Go helps you stay safe on the road while staying in touch with your loved ones at the same time.

Voice on the Go it allows you to have your emails read to you as you drive while your eyes stay on the road. Everything is controlled with voice commands when you dial in. Some of the main features are:

  • Ability to listen to your email
  • Reply to email
  • Send SMS
  • Add appointments to calendar
  • Update Facebook and Twitter status

I usually hate speaking to automated systems, especially when I am calling my credit card companies and they don’t work that well for the most part. When I tried this service, I was amazed at how accurate it was for sending SMS or replying to e-mail. I have a bit of an accent and my first thought was this was going to be fun. To my surprise, not only were all my email very accurate, but it even adds correct punctuation to the email.

I like reading my feeds on Viigo and since I can email most of the stories from there, I emailed them to myself so Voice on the Go would read them to me. It worked perfectly. I found it useful having my e-mail read and I could reply even faster than I would if I was to type the email or SMS.  When sending email, it sends both the text and your recorded message to the recipient.

Setup – the setup of the account is simple and it walks you through every step. When you create your account, it asks you to input the email address that you’re going to use. This would be your primary account, but this service does allow you to set up multiple email addresses. It also lets you import your contacts from all the major email services, including Gmail and Yahoo, or import them from your Microsoft outlook.

You do not have to download any special software to your BlackBerry or any other mobile phone. The way Voice on the Go works is by calling special access numbers. There are local access numbers for most of the U.S and quite a few other countries like Canada and Australia, to mention a few.


  • The good thing about this service is that I find it inexpensive compared to other services that try to offer similar functions, at only $5.99 a month.
  • Keeps you safe.
  • Avoid being stopped by the police for texting or using your mobile device while driving.
  • Works great via Bluetooth.
  • Easy to use.
  • Voice commands are easy to use.
  • Responds quickly.
  • Allows you to listen to your message before sending it.
  • Free 1 month trial at

My only complaint is that you do have to use your minutes to call, but if you’re like me, you can set it to one of your T-mobile Favs and have unlimited calling to that number, and I should mention that with any voice answering type of service, from time to time you will run into words that the automated system might misunderstand. Overall, I think it’s more accurate than those automated services that phone companies use when you call them. This service does exactly what it advertises, and paying $5.99 a month to keep you connected while you’re on the road is way better than having to pay a fine for texting or emailing while driving, or even worse, getting into an accident. This service helps me keep up with my email and keep my eyes on the road at all times.

They offer a 30 Day trial which you can pick up here and the access code: BLOG090409

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  1. Bummer, only supports imap and pop3 email. No exchange. Would have been nice to try!

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