ParkVu i2b Brings Your iTunes Tracks to Your BlackBerry OTA

i2b Luis let me know about a cool new service/application called i2b that lets you move music from your iTunes PC to your BlackBerry over the air. You just select your playlist and the music will replicate to your Berry. You can also set it to automatically add recently purchased music, podcasts, & playlist changes to your BlackBerry.

That sounds all nice and dandy but I am truly confused by their subscription costs. They say that it is $2.99/month for 100 songs synched with a max of 1GB. No word about what happens above that 100 song or 1GB limit. The app also only lets you sync whole playlists so you cannot select a single song to add. It checks the playlists you have synced every 6 hours for changes and uploads the songs to their servers. Only after it has been uploaded to their servers does it download to your BlackBerry. DRM files look like they will not work but their explanations are a bit contradictory.

Check out the details at: and let me know what you think! I am curious how this compares to Nutsie

The details:

  • Access to their iTunes library from anywhere i2b works wirelessly through the cellular network and Wi-Fi hotspots, so there’s no need for USB cables. Tracks can be moved to the user’s BlackBerry from anywhere with cellular coverage, freeing them to hear the music they want at anytime, anywhere.
  • Favorite playlists are automatically updated on the BlackBerry Users can select their 25 most played tracks and their most recent iTunes additions — and any other playlists — to be automatically kept up to date on their BlackBerry. They set it once and let i2b do all the work to make sure the music and podcasts they want are available when they want them.
  • Songs on their home computer can be retrieved even when it’s off. Up to 100 tracks (1GB maximum) from the i2b user’s iTunes library will be replicated to the Internet cloud, making them available from their BlackBerry even when their desktop or laptop is turned off. When their computer is on and connected to the Internet, all of their iTunes playlists are available on demand to their BlackBerry. Users can easily set i2b not to receive updates in areas where extra roaming charges would apply. i2b combines a BlackBerry application with a small application for the user’s home computer that works in the background with iTunes to allow users to replicate their playlists on their BlackBerry. i2b maintains any DRM restrictions and preserves the integrity of the user’s iTunes library.
  • Fine print:
    • i2b is only supported on computers running Windows XP or Vista.
    • For i2b to work your media enabled BlackBerry smartphone must have a data plan or WiFi access, an internet connection is required for your PC to connect to ParkVu services. Certain music files may not be supported by the media player, including incompatible file types and files that contain digital rights management technologies.
    • i2b is compatible with devices featuring BlackBerry Device software v4.6 or higher. Devices that do not feature built-in mass storage capabilities (significant amounts of on-board memory) will require a microSD card to be properly inserted.
    • i2b is compatible with 32-bit editions of Windows XP Service Pack 2 which requires iTunes version 7.0 or higher; AND 64 and 32-bit editions of Windows Vista which requires iTunes version 7.2 or higher. Not compatible Windows 2000 or Mac OS.
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  1. Thanks for the profile of i2b. The subscription plan was confusing to many people as well. The 1GB max was there to put a ceiling on our infrastructure costs but realize it wasn’t in the best interest of our users. So we’ve done away with the 1GB max and moved to simply a 200 track maximum.

    We’ll also be announcing an unlimited plan in the very near future.

    Jeff Fedor | ParkVu

  2. this is so stupid! for that price i would rather pay 15 dollars a month for mymusic from telus and download as many as possible. also the 200 cap is stupid. it should be higher. also nutsie is so much better than this! ppl do not get this its not worth it at all! thats why we all have computers at home so it syncs everynight when we are at home!

  3. I’m confused, does this stream the songs from the i2b servers, or actually download all the songs? If it actually downloads them, does this mean if I switch from one 200 song playlist to another 200 song playlist, it will delete the first playlist and download all of the new songs to my device (500MB+)? Won’t this kill my battery? Won’t AT&T be mad, even though I have an unlimited data plan?

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