Viigo; Take your attention away from the relatives you don’t like anyway…

First up, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers, their family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Myself, writing from Australia, don’t celebrate this holiday here so I get the short straw to work today. 

I’m going to make a big assumption in that your Thanksgiving Day is kind of like our Christmas Day ??? Lots of food… A few drinks (Not that we need much of an excuse for that 🙂 )… and the relatives… Oh, yeah, the relatives. There’s good old Uncle Bob… telling the same stories he has for the past 20 years. Then there’s cousin Merv… He’s the one who cleaned out your liquor cabinet last year… Aunty Agnis… she can make pig crap taste like strawberry jam but refuses help out in the kitchen because you forget to pick up the cranberry sauce. Is this all starting to sound a little familiar ???

I’ve got a tip for you… Disappear into a corner and sink yourself into your BlackBerry. Don’t worry, no-one will notice you’ve gone anyway. Escape to a world outside Agnis, Bob and Merv.

One of the best applications for doing this is Viigo. It’s basically an RSS reader, and can be a whole lot more. You can catch up on the latest breaking news. The weather (will your BBQ get rained out?..). Sport… keep in contact with the latest scores from your favorite teams. Travel… I’m sure your needing to be somewhere else right now :). Blogs… there’s some of you out there right now reading this on your BB. And by subscribing to the food/lifestyle channels, I bet you could find a simple substitute for cranberry sauce using engine oil and balsamic vinegar. (JK)

The best part of all this is the cost. It’s Free. All this information and a whole lot more can be yours for the low, low price of… $0.00. You can get it from their site at or from your device at .

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  1. 1st comment woo-hoo. Viigo is my favorite app for my BlackBerry. I had it on my first two pearls & now on my Bold 9000. I love it. I use it every single day without fail. Best application for the blackberry ever.

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