Review: Aces Mahjong for Bold



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The classic game of Mahjong dates back over two thousand years and now you can enjoy it on your Blackberry. The Aces Mahjong features 50 Blackberry optimized levels with varying difficulty, ability to save/resume games, best time scores and more.

You can quickly select one of the 50 tiles after you click New Game:


The screen is colorful and graphics are very nice. You can customize tiles and backgrounds. Gameplay is straighforward, you use the trackball to find available tiles, click to select them:


The biggest gripes I have with the game is that unlike a PC, where you have a mouse to easily click, going through tiles with a trackball can be cumbersome. And yellow rectangle that moves around with your trackball is not the easiest to see, After you finish a level, you can move onto the next, play the same level or simply select any layout. Of course your high score is recorded, which helps with replayability.


Overall the game will be definitely of interest to all the Mahjong enthusiasts out there. It will provide fun on the go.


  • Colorful graphics
  • Ability to save/resume


  • Finding which tile is selected can be tricky
  • Moving around with a trackball is hard.

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