Premium 83XX OSX Themes By Mothy

Mothy over at let me know that he has been working on some really sharp looking themes based on Vista and Mac OSX. I really like the touch that he has put on these themes since it has a feel as if you were actually browsing a pc. The menus hide and once you browse over to the menu side more icons appear just like it would if you were using a computer to browse through the program menus.

He has made these themes based on the windows and MAC OS and I have to say he did a pretty good job on the designs. What I really liked about these themes is that you can see the full background on the themes and once you start to navigate through the icons a second menu pops up just like it would on your home PC when you click the start menu. The backgrounds are really nice as well and once your done you can hide it back and this allows you to have access to a lot more icons on your home screen.

There are a few versions of the vista theme but my favorite has to be this one since it is very simple  and the background is awesome. One of the things I have seen with similar themes is that they are super slow or slow down the BB but Mothy has really done well as far as file keeping the size of the file small enough to not impact the performance.  On the vista theme the icons are preset on the menu to give it is stylish vista look but it pretty much has the top ten most used icons that you will need.  He has made versions of these themes in transparent mode and normal non transparent menus.

If you don’t happen to like the vista theme he has also made two different versions in the Mac OSX style in the same sort of fashion where the main icons are on the right hand side and those are all user customizable. Then once you navigate though those a second menu of icons appears to give you access to more icons right from the home screen. I find it really easy to use and very detailed.

To get your hand on any of these nice themes head over to the  shop and look for your favorite theme. If you have any special request you can contact mothy directly at this link.

Mothys premiun themes are very well designed and you can pick up the latest themes for about $3.00 dollars depending on the theme at the BRS Shop look under new products at the bottom of the page.

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