Review: Texas Hold’em King 3 for BlackBerry Bold

Th_081010080323Review: Texas Hold’em King 3 for BlackBerry Bold
Price: $4.99

Texas Hold’em King 3 (THK3) was released back in April for several devices and Magmic recently added support for the BlackBerry Bold’s larger resolution screen.

THK3 is the latest in their popular franchise of Hold’em games and it does not disappoint. The Bold users are already familiar with the series, as THK2 comes preinstalled. THK3 raises the bar another notch, adding improved multi-player features, Turbo Mode for single player (where it fast forwards to the end of the hand if you folded) and more. In multi-player mode, you can play against other players, submit your high scores, view player profiles, manage your buddy lists and message them. In Contest Mode, you can win special Magmic promos.

THK3 is a game of skill and of course deception, like all other poker games. Texas Hold’em is wildly popular all around the world. You can easily tell the same for THK3, as it boasts over 100,000 users.

Once you start playing the game, it asks you to login to your Gamezone account to get all online features. You can easily create your Gamezone account at Gamezone is a nice centralized location to keep track of your games, registrations, scores and such. You can of course skip signing in, but I highly recommend it.


Then you proceed to Single or Multiplayer options. With $500 in my bankroll, I started a Ring Game.


You play against 5 opponents. The gameplay is fast, controls are very intuitive. The music and sound effects fits the mood well. You use simply the trackball to select options, such as bet, raise, fold, etc.


Once I got $1000, I decided to leave the table. At that point, the game asks you if you want to post your score online and I went ahead with it. Of course, after seeing the other players’ posts, I noticed I have a long ways to go, before I can start bragging (one player had 8,083,242,250,525,360,000 which makes you wonder, as next player in the list had $627,764,440.)


The tournaments start at $2000. You can also start your own career, which is next on my to do list.


Moving onto to the multiplayer, you got few options. You can play online, join a contest, go into Gamezone or check high scores. Under Play Online, you can Quick Play, Join/Create Table or Find Player. Quick Play allows you to to join an online game quickly. When joining a table, you can browse Buy-In levels, see if a table is public or private, how many players are playing and such. After you joined a table, the rest of the game is same, with addition of chat options, allowing you to talk to the table or just one person.




Overall, THK3 is a lot of fun, have excellent graphics, and easy game play.


  • Great graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Lots of fun
  • Cheap, only $4.99


  • Quick play sometimes will not connect

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