RIM Snide About iPhone’s Lack Of Multi Tasking?

I was browsing around RIM’s BlackBerry Developer site and came across this interesting little paragraph. In it RIM is pointing out the benefits of always on background applications in the RIM OS. Read it and let me know what you think:


I love when the first part of a product description points out how a company has something that another one does not. What do you think? Was it directed at the iPhone? It could theoretically also be about Palm OS and other vendor OSs.

Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I’d say RIM is definitely talking about Apple here. At the BlackBerry Developer Conference earlier this month, various RIM representatives made somewhat snide remarks about Apple, its App Store and the iPhone during presentations. The slam I remember most clearly had to do with Apple’s strict–to say the least–iTunes app approval process, and how RIM will be much different when it comes to the BlackBerry Application Storefront/Center.


  2. I don’t see above as “snide” so much, just “true”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with pointing out your platforms capabilities and how those trump other development platforms. Remember, the target audience for above is potential developers! You need to point out EVERY advantage a developers customers would have if the app is on Blackberry versus iPhone, Palm (people still dev for Palm?), WinMo, Symbian, whatever.

  3. It is what it says it is: other mobile evelopment frameworks – true, right? What’s the big deal? They know who they are.

  4. I agree. Nothing bellow the belt here.

  5. I disagree, they could’ve said only that blackberry os is multitasking. It is a competition remark clearly. Anyway, I think it was necessary now that some people think iPhone is better. My opinion, that display sucks against my Pearl’s.

  6. Adi,
    have you not seen Apple/PC commercials? Welcome to the real world. Competition is good – it makes them work harder. In my opinion, RIM is not agressive enough. i-Phone is great, but it’s a great toy. Oh’ right, it does emails. Doesn’t it?

  7. Alas, the truth hurts so what harm can be down with a little extra twist of the blade? =)

    RIM should and must (for the sake of competitive advantage) harp on the OS’s multitasking features. Coming from a Treo and an owner of an iPod Touch 2g, it is its best feature. At least the Treo had copy/paste so switching from one app to another wasn’t as painful, the iPhone/iPod Touch OS without copy/paste is just plain frustrating!

    If you got it, flaunt it. At least RIM did it fairly tastefully, without the need to single out anything that begins with a lower case i. Hahaha.


  8. Wow. iphone has some nice ergonmics but how the heck can you build an OS the legendary BSD and not multitask? Talk about “crippleware”. This coupled no cut/paste are a big negative.However, I gotta imagine that those shortcomings gotta be addressed on their development roadmap. If they can fix thos two issues and come up with some decent enterprise colaboration features they will have one hell of an offering. Until then it’s BB all the way.

  9. Yah. It’s perplexing. I have to admit it is a beautiful machine to look at and use (“use,” very loosely), but I sometimes wonder if Apple designers are caught up in drinking their own zen kool-aid that they’ve become arrogant about basic user needs. It almost seems as if they are intentionally skipping on copy/paste because that’s not how they “envisioned” the device being used, granted it’s really only 2.x of the OS. Either that or they just can’t come up with nice intuitive one-handed gestures for select/copy/paste. You have to admit that Apple has gotten some pretty good mileage with the trusty minimalist “one button,” desktops and handhelds. =)

    Hopefully, the Storm will drive the competition up a notch in the coming months and years.

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