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vlingo Eric sent over this press release from Vlingo announcing the launch of version 2.0 of their product. I have not had a chance to try it myself but this newer version look extremely promising! The new 2.0 version adds the ability to speak Facebook and Twitter status updates, support for 10 new applications, full-text message read-back, “tell-a-friend” and SureType support.

The new version of vlingo includes the following additions:

  • Voice updates to Facebook & Twitter status updates
  • Full keyboard support including SureType
  • Read-back of the full text or email message that was spoken
  • Tell A Friend about Vlingo
  • The ability to launch built-in programs:
    • Address Book, Alarm, BrickBreaker, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Maps, Media, MemoPad, Messages, Options, Tasks, & Web browser
  • The ability to launch third party programs:
    • Facebook, Google Maps, & Opera

Vlingo is available for the 8100, 8300, & 8800 series at this link for OTA install www.vlingo.com/v2 or you can head to www.vlingo.com from your desktop.

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  1. it is *amazing* – aside from all of the good stuff, i’ve found the best use yet: i have tons of business contacts, but my grade school constantly uses my phone to call his friends (all are in my address book) and so instead of him accidentally hitting my contacts, i’ve set up easy to use nicknames for all of them and he just hits the sidekey and says “call will” and it sets it up for him…extremely useful!

    twitter and facebook status is also amazing…works like a charm

  2. Yes but updating Facebook still requires SMS. For those of us who don’t have SMS plans (why would you on a BlackBerry anyway? You have BB Msgr and GTalk, Yahoo, AIM, etc…) we want to update Facebook via the “internet” and not SMS.

  3. I have to agree that updating Facebook via SMS is lame, especially since there is a Facebook app for Blackberry that can update without SMS. At 20 cents a pop, it can add up. But this version is much better at recognizing my voice than the previous versions, that were basically useless because it couldn’t figure out what I was saying.

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