Storm Makes A Debut On eBay… Fraud?

DavidB just let me know that he spotted the Storm on eBay. Personally I am always wary of these eBay auctions but people have gotten lucky before with them though these are usually prerelease devices. They also tend to not let you upgrade them when the release firmware comes out.


The seller does have 111 feedback items with 100% positive rating but none of them are from the last 3 months. So far the phone is going for $950 but expect it to go up before the auction ends. The pictures the seller is offering of the phone are crap and that kind of makes this sound like a scam. The seller claims that he does not offer more pictures because (and I quote) “I will not send a picture of the phone with your name because there are too many crooks on the net, if my picture is not good enough don’t buy the phone.”

David pointed out that the seller titled the auction as a Bold 9500 while it is actually a 9530 but that could be a honest mistake. In the description he details it as a CDMA device… I am not sure if you would be able to get it to work on Verizon if you bought it since it is not GSM but it does have a quadband GSM/EDGE radio.

Okay I have had enough of weighing the pros and cons. Let us know what you think. Real or fraud?

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  1. He has a Bold aswell…from what it looks like. The Bold seems more legit according to the pics but has been added as recent as a day for both. However I would be very careful to bid on this, the only way he has a Storm is he works for the carrier and it maybe a Seed Device… two devices in the last day up for bid….where is he getting them from???

  2. lol…this dude owns an interesting Domain….

  3. Look @ when he will ship. He says it will ship within next 20 days. This guy is for real, but he is hoping to make a profit. When Storm and Bold are released soon, he will purchase them and ship to you. I bet he is hoping on no delays on the release!

  4. 20 days shipping makes him legit? Hmmm, I have some listing I would like you to bid on.

    This seller has time to post but doesn’t answer questions.

  5. Wow! Sorry for not wording my comment right! I was simply saying that I thought in my opinion that the guy was legit in the fact that he probrably would send you a new BlackBerry, and not just keep your $
    The reason I posted at all was to INFORM PEOPLE of the scam. He is selling something that he doesn’t even have yet (in my opinion). 20 days to ship after payment is when he is expecting to be able to get his hands on one.
    Selling on ebay for $950 – $1000 and buying retail for $600 – $700 is a huge scam.
    Why even ask try to ask him a ? It is obvious to me what’s going on.
    Obviously you don’t see it DAVIDB!

  6. Sorry I didn’t annotate my sarcasm appropriately grazyweb.

  7. check out that photo! obviously a chop as you can tell by the “shadow” around the phone compared to the angle the photo was taken from and the reflection of the flash off the paper.

    basically took a photo of a piece of paper with his “business” name on it, then photochopped a pic of a Storm on top of it, never minding the angle of the shadow or the fact that the photo of the paper is blurry while the phone is crystal clear.


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