Google Mobile App Updated – No Changelog

Googlemobileapp David H let me know that Google has quietly updated their Google Mobile app to version 3.1.1133 from This is the Google All-In-One app we told you about previously. In typical Google style there is no changelog but this is not that significant of a version bump. On the other hand I wonder what was changed!

Head to from your Berry to get the latest version.

If you notice anything let us know!

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  1. Well I just reinstalled my OS on my Curve. I installed Googleapps and I noticed that now when installing the extra apps it gives you a timer and a percentage when installing. So I think the changes are more apparent for the GUI Seems a bit faster too, but that could be because of the fresh install

  2. I already had this version, and didn’t add the app recently, maybe 2 weeks ago.

  3. Hold on Ronen. You wrote “to version 3.1.1133 from” but I see when I check it version 3.1.133. Is that what you meant? Too many .1s and 3s!

  4. However GMAIL DID update from version 2.0.5 to 2.0.6 !!

    TIP from me!

  5. Thanks for the update on the Gmail. I wish google would incorporate an update check in their software.

  6. As for the GMail app, they messed up the icon and halfed it in size. It looks ridiculous!

  7. @David H: Google had a mobile updater app, but it didn’t work 1/2 the time. It only once told me of an update, when all others I would learn about from BerryReivew

  8. I am nervous but don’t
    Know who to blame. My Pearl’s browser, the only native one, called Orange World, doesn’t let me see the mobileblackberry site
    And neither this google one. On the blackberry mobile site it tells me that it is made for blackberry devices only, and on your address for google there is no App link, I am sure it is because it doesn’t recognize the phone. What should I do, because emulation is set on blackberry and there is no other browser.

  9. I also use Opera but it has nothing to do with what I need. Is there a way for my Pearl to be recognized as a berry, or maybe download the correct browser from somewhere? I forgot to mention that I have no BES, just normal telephony and TCP-IP internet.

  10. @Adi: Is this a recent behaviour? It sounds like you need to re-send your Blackberry your service books. Go to “Manage Internet Email” and under Settings you should see “Service Books” I don’t know how it is on Orange but mine is a T-Mo.

  11. Thank you! No, it isn’t recent, it always does that no matter the os. I did try that service books before, but no result. Anyway, thanks!

  12. It probably is because I don’t have a blackberry data plan.

  13. The blackberry browser has a “act like IE” mode where it sends an IE agent string. Check your settings

  14. Mine doesn’t. The only option for emulation is BlackBerry and the only option for browser name is Orange World. Anyway, thanks, I don’t want to be a pain.

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