Review: OtterBox for BlackBerry 8800 Defender Series

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The OtterBox for BlackBerry® 8800, 8820 and 8830 (World Edition) Defender™ Series boasts 3 layers of protection while maintaining a sleek, slim fit to the device. This award-winning case features additional bump, scratch, drop and light rain protection. All functions of the phone remain fully usable through the case, and all ports are accessible through convenient Silicone plugs. This case includes a holster style belt clip for your convenience.

I was very excited to put this case to the test.  I had the choice between the black and yellow or just the straight black.  I chose the straight black being it seemed more “business like” but I have to say I find the black and yellow pretty cool !! Installation was very easy, however I could not get the clear plastic screen cover as smooth as I would have liked. OtterBox does give you some tricks to do so… but I really couldn’t get them to work.  Overall it wasn’t really that terrible.

I have used the case for about two months and overall I am impressed.  It really does deliver.  If you need to protect your Berry this is the case for you. As per the description.. it offers bump, scratch and light rain protection. That it certainly does. The clear plastic cover of the case covers your screen and your keyboard. It “form fits” the keyboard very nicely. The trackball was a bit of an issue for me at first, as the case makes it a bit difficult to use, but I am a firm believer in “Anyone can get use to anything” and I did.  After about a week it became a “non-issue”. Ports as well as the on-off button, mute button and volume buttons are easily accessible. The hard part of the case which is a combination of rubber and plastic really protects. I have dropped, kicked, and even thrown my Berry and it is none the worse for wear. You can’t submerge your Berry in water but as far as splashes of water and rain… it holds up. I will be getting a Bold soon and will definitely be getting an OtterBox for that (coming soon by the way).

I would definitely recommend an OtterBox for anyone out in the field. If you are a “blue collar” guy/girl then this is a must have.  Even the corporate user would benefit from the case.  I personally know a lot of sales and marketing reps that have done major damage to their Berry. In fact, I see it on a daily basis and wish some of these folks were using OtterBoxes !!!


Really protects.. makes your Berry almost indestructible.


It is a bit bulky. The case changes the footprint of your 8800 series BlackBerry into an 8700 series. If you are looking for sleek and slim this case is not for you.

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