Review: Sena Classic Flipdown Case

blackblue Review: Sena Classic Flipdown Case for 88XX

Cost: $49.99 to 59.99 @ SenaCase’s Store

This is the first of two reviews for Sena Cases. The second review will be covering Sena’s Leather Skin Case for the 88XX. Also note that several of Sena’s Cases are available at the BerryReview Store for many different devices.

The kind people over at Sena Cases sent me a couple of their products to take a look at a few weeks back. I had heard of Sena Cases before, but their fairly high price had deterred me from purchasing any of their products. I still think that the prices are a bit high, but for good reason. The quality of craftsmanship is outstanding. It is obvious that Sena takes pride in their products and no detail has been forgotten.

The Review Unit:

As I unwrapped the cases from their packing materials, I found a nice classy box with the Sena Logo. Upon opening the box, I was presented with a nice soft cloth bag. Inside the bag was the case and a little baggy containing a really nice metal belt clip, 2 screws (to screw the clip attachment to the case) and a little allen wrench(to screw the screws in). Also inside the bag was the fairly typical looking plastic clip that clips on to your belt. I was a little surprised that as much thought that had gone into the metal clip, they still didn’t bother to upgrade the clip itself.

The case is made out of beautiful top quality full grained leather. The cutouts for everything are perfectly positioned. All of the side and top keys were easily accessible, and plugging in the charging cable was not hindered at all. The case has a nice leather strip across the middle of the device between the screen and the keyboard, which I really liked. I have a screen protector so I don’t particularly need a case that covers the screen, and I hate having plastic cover the keys.

This case has a nice flipdown cover that contains a couple of credit card pouches and places to store your SD card. Anymore, with the capacity of SD cards being what they are, I don’t really see the need for this feature, but perhaps some people still carry around multiple cards. The flip down cover has three magnets inside. Two of the magnets on the bottom of the flap hold the case shut, and one magnet works as the proximity sensor, putting your blackberry into standby mode when the case is closed.

Sena_Flip_Aug292008_0002 Sena_Flip_Aug292008_0004

Sena_Flip_Aug292008_0005 Sena_Flip_Aug292008_0008

Putting It Through The Paces:

After oogeling over the case for a few minutes,  I tossed my trusty Berry in to its new home. The fit was great. I grabbed a couple of credit cards and put them into their appropriate slots and closed the flap. The flap however did not stay closed, it popped right back up, not all the way but it definitely was not shut. Puzzled I looked to see what could be causing the situation. It was the credit cards, I took out all but one card and the case stayed shut. I think that after the case is broken in, it would hold two or three without issue.

I hooked the belt clip up to my belt and went on with my day. The case did not inhibit the use of my Berry at all. I just folded the case back and typed and talked away.

When I turned the case so that it was horizontal on my belt, I found that the case would not stay shut. It became really annoying after a couple of days so unfortunately I had to discontinue using it. If the magnets that held the case shut were just a little bit stronger it would have been a much better product.


  • Great quality
  • Cutouts positioned perfectly
  • Proximity sensor in the flap
  • Superb metal belt clip attachment


  • Case Would Not Stay Shut
  • Plastic clip for your belt is cheap compared to the metal attachment.


All in all I think that this is a wonderful case. If the magnets had been stronger I would say that this case is superb! If you always keep your case in the vertical position, then this issue is no big deal! If you want to read more you can visit their site! They have this case in a large variety of color combinations too!

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  1. Sena cases are great! Spend the few extra bucks, they are well worth it. The best quality and construction of any flip case.

  2. absolutely love these sena cases!!! leather and make quality are outstanding. used the flips for my previous smartphones. because of the cost, i can only have one and it is hard to decide which one.

    however, i do not carry my phone on a belt clip. i keep it in my purse or pocket so i haven’t encountered the problems mentioned in the review.

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