3D Lawn Darts & 3D Constructo Combat Games

Frank pointed out to me that Concrete also released two other new games this week. The first is Lawn Darts which is a classic backyard game that kids are not allowed to play anymore. 🙂 The second is Constructo Combat which is a 3D spaceship game. Both games are a bit expensive in my opinion at $14.99 but Concrete does offer a free trial and a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. They also seem to have a 20% off coupon for the next week if you use the coupon code SAVING20 on their website.

3D Lawn Darts – $14.99:

3dld_blackberry_1 3dld_blackberry_4 3dld_blackberry_7

3D Lawn Darts™ brings the classic game of lawn darts to your Pocket PC! Toss your darts in the backyard or really challenge yourself and play on the moon!
The fun and challenging 3D characters will have you playing over and over again. Your friends will love the easy to use multiplayer, pass the game back and forth or using Bluetooth so you can each use your BlackBerry devices.

  • Play on the moon, in the backyard, in the forest, or in the ocean.
  • Multiplayer Bluetooth or play friends taking turns on the device.
  • Special darts include fire, laser, bomb, splitter and nuke darts!
  • Tournament mode.
  • 3D trophy room.
  • Also includes 3D Crown Darts.

3D Constructo Combat – $14.99:

constructo_blackberry_3 constructo_blackberry_1 constructo_blackberry_8

Go constructo crazy! Build buildings on a variety of 3D landscapes and prevent opponents from doing the same. Use your grapple to grab building parts and weapons. The green arrow highlight makes it easy to build or fire your weapons at any enemy target! Shoot down your opponent and build the most buildings to get the highest score before time runs out to win!
Take on computer opponents and work your way through increasingly difficult levels to see if you can beat the high score. See who can build the most buildings while taking down your opponent’s in a race against time in one of the 3D worlds!

  • Incredible 3D graphics!
  • Great sound effects with an option to turn sound off/on.
  • 10 levels to unlock!
  • Customize the keys.
  • In single player, opponents get harder as you get further along.
  • Keeps high scores.
  • Weapons include stun missile, missile pack, putty missile, demo bomb, and nuke.
  • Find and attach balloons to objects or your opponent to watch them float away!
  • Powerful 3D engine makes incredible 3D world possible.
  • Controls optimized for one handed play.
  • When green arrow highlights an object, use fire/ok button to get it or to use whatever you have in your possession (building piece or weapon).

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