Review: Speck’s SeeThru Hard Shell Case & Holster for BlackBerry Curve

imageReview: SeeThru Hard Shell Case & Holster for BlackBerry Curve
[rating: 7]
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Speck released their new line of colored SeeThru cases for the Pearl a couple of weeks back. See pictures here.

Speck Products sent me a few of their BlackBerry products a couple of weeks back so that we could take a look at them and let our readers know what we thought. This case was one that I was most anticipating, so I will admit that my expectations were high going into the review.


Packaging from SpeckProducts is great, it is obvious that they have decided to spend a little extra money on the look of their boxes, and in this case I think that it pays off. The back of the box displays product information in 6 languages! I think that if Speck increased the availability of their products in retail stores, that they could move products very easily. I have seen several of their MacBook and iPod cases at some of the chain stores before, but never any BlackBerry products.

Speck_Aug082008_0001 Speck_Aug082008_0002

The Review Unit & Installation:

After unboxing the Case, I was immediately a little bit skeptical. The case just felt a bit off. I pushed these feeling of unease out of my head and began the installation process. The case should be very easy to put onto your Berry, however I did have some difficulties. After taking off a BodyGuardz skin, it did snap on a little bit better.

Speck_Aug082008_0003 Speck_Aug082008_0005

Speck_Aug082008_0006 Speck_Aug082008_0010

There are cutouts for the case in all the correct places, including for the camera, flash and self portrait mirror. The cutout for the keyboard is actually fairly precise, making it easier to go up with the trackball than many other cases. This case does have a screen cover, also unlike many other cases. One issue with the screen cover that I found is that when looking at the Berry with polarized sunglasses on a sunny day, you can’t see the screen very well at all.

Speck branded the case on the lower corner of the back of the case with a clear brand, far less obtrusive than many other companies choose to do. But there is an odd little line in the upper left hand corner of the screen, not really sure what that accomplishes but ok.

The one major issue with this case is the belt clip. Its horrible. If you never use a belt clip and throw your Curve in your pocket or purse, you will have very few if any issues with this case. But I do use the clip, it is a MUST have for me. The problem is that the clip does not hold the BlackBerry securely. Every time that I bent over to pick something up, or got out of my truck the “wrong way” the Berry would come crashing down. Within the first 10 minutes of having the case clipped to my belt, it fell off at least 3 times, putting some fairly decent scratches in the case. That being said, the case does protect the device well when dropped!

Speck_Aug082008_0011 Speck_Aug082008_0016


  • Great looking case
  • Perfect cutouts for everything
  • Screen protection
  • Does not cover the beauty of your expensive shiny Curve


  • A bit expensive at almost 25 bucks
  • Belt clip is terrible
  • Screen cover impedes use with polarized sunglasses
  • Scratches fairly easily


This is a good product from Speck, not their best by any means, but it is good. In the coming days/weeks there will be some more reviews on Speck products, and all performed much better than this particular unit. Speck has a little bit of work to do before I will leave this case on my curve permanently, but I do like many things about it. It would be great if we could have some colors for devices other than the Pearl too!

If you want to read more about this case, you can head on over to SpeckProducts website. If you want to pick one up, please help support BerryReview by purchasing it through our store!

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  1. well…i have this case…i bought it 2 weeks ago at a t-mobile store here in orlando…and it cost $9.99

    i don’t know why it’s so expensive in the internet….

    got a good deal then

  2. yeah t-mobile sells this case for $9.99…so it’s a good deal for that. I love it and its protected my Curve PLENTY of times…and then after my case is super banged up. I get a new one but my curve still looks almost band new.


  3. I have looked at many cases. This is a great case. I bought it T-Mobile for $9.95. This case protects the screen and all other parts, except keyboard which is fine. I have dropped it twice and I can hardly tell besides slight scratch on corner. Totla protection. I will get a few to use through the life of the phone. Beautiful hard shell. It does not hide the beauty of the Curve. Belt clip stretches too much to hold it when I bend over, etc. So I just carry my phone in my pocket. Rubber ones don’t slip into pocket easily, so this one works great.

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