Reading News On Smartphones Is Taking Off

viigo Turns out that over 37% of smartphone users use their phone to read the news. This is compared to 4% of users using traditional cellphones. This is all according to a Pew Research Center for the People and the Press report published last week. I am not all that surprised but it is nice to be able to confirm what I always suspected. RSS newsreaders such as Viigo, FreeRange, & Newsgator have simplified the process of reading news on your phone. Other smartphone manufacturers are also capitalizing on bringing news to your device and are doing quite a good job.

What truly struck home with me was that the report showed that 31% of smartphone users said they check the news multiple times a day from their phones. I am glad to see that I am not alone… Its like a newspaper that constantly updates itself.

Check out the full Pew report at this link but I am warning you it is a very long PDF.

via Information Week

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  1. I totally use my BB to read news! When I wake up in my half-asleep state I grap my BB and check BerryReview (duh) and Google News. Maybe CNN. I really like the WSJ reader that was posted a few days ago. Viigo counts as a news reader, but I just could never get into it, after using several versions. As more an more people get news from online over the Newspaper or TV, it makes sense as more Smartphones are in the market that our online News feed will switch from the desk’s 15″ screen to the handheld 4-5″ screen.

  2. I used to have my desktop browser home page set to iGoogle and displaying it’s news feeds. No more, just plain Google. Viigo brings me all the news I could need.

  3. RSS feeds are the easiest way to get your news on the go…i do check my feeds several times a day and even put alerts for some channel whenever there are new updates within the day. For my blackberry i use the Viigo…love it!

  4. I use Google Reader for my Curve for news on the go
    And google reader from my iGoogle page any other time. I stay informed alllllllllllllll day long….perhaps too informed even

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