Review: Chuzzle- Stay Entertained For Hours

Review: Pop Cap Game’s Chuzzle
[rating: 10] 10/10
Cost: $9.99 from bplay
By far the greatest game ever released for your BlackBerry! In my humble opinion of course! – Nathan

I recently had the chance to play around with Pop Cap Game’s Chuzzle, from bplay. This game is made by the same people that brought you Bejewled and Zuma. Let me first start off by saying that this has got to be the best game I have ever played on my BlackBerry! This game has won a slew of awards, including, “Casual Game of the Year!” (2003 Digital Entertainment & Media Excellence Awards) it even ranks as bplay’s all time number 6 purchased game. And now, a BerryReview Editor’s Choice Award!

“Chuzzles are googly-eyed little balls of fur that giggle, squeak, and sneeze as you poke and push them across the board”. The game is fairly simple, match up 3 or more of the same colored Chuzzles to make them disappear. Earn bonus points for: popping 3 or more at a time, popping a Mega Chuzzle, popping a locked Chuzzle and completing a level. Sounds pretty simple, huh? Well, add in Mega Chuzzles, locked Chuzzles and hard to come by rainbow Chuzzles and you have yourself a great game!

Chuzzle2 Chuzzle4

Moving takes place a row at a time, either up and down or side to side. If there is a single locked Chuzzle in the row, moving of that row cannot take place. Also, if a row contains a Mega Chuzzle, both rows will move and the rows will not wrap around to the other side (it’s actually quite amusing to watch the Chuzzles bump the wall!) Run out of moves and the game will scramble the Chuzzles for you, but watch out, you are only given a limited number of scrambles and then it’s GAME OVER.

Chuzzle1 Chuzzle3

This game is not one that you will soon grow tired of. With 4 different game choices: Classic, MindBender, Expert and Zen. Classic is the starting point for the game, with tons of available moves, fewer locks and more scrambles. Classic will certainly get you hooked and allow you to learn the game. Expert is the same as classic, except much harder! Expert will certainly get your mind thinking, and keep you hooked. Zen is probably my favorite mode of the game, Zen games never end. You can keep going as long as you want to. Mindbender is a variation of the game all together, almost the Rubix Cube of Chuzzle. Align the Chuzzles to match the picture to pass the level.

Chuzzle8 Chuzzle11

While playing the different games, you will hit milestones that the game has been programmed to recognize. As you reach these milestones, you receive trophies. There are 22 trophies in all. These range from simple (playing an entire game without using hints) to near impossible (a million Chuzzles popped!) The last trophy is earned when you have received the other 21 trophies. Although I can’t imagine anyone doing this!



  • Addictive!
  • Very amusing
  • Tons of features
  • Colorful and well written


  • None (other than the fact that you might never see your family or friends again…)
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  1. Is there a trial version for this?

  2. Unfortunately there is no trial offered for this game. bplay indicates that there is a trial with a link on the site that says “try it now” I am not sure as to why there is no trial, because I know personally I like to try games before I dish out 10 bucks for them.

    You can however download a trial for your computer at the following link. The game for the BlackBerry is almost identical.

  3. Hi!
    I bougth this programa 1 month ago is It’s true!!! is soo addictive =)
    This is one of that games that no matter how many times reinstall my blackberry or I have to delete applications because there is no space …but This game have to remain installed =P

  4. I totally agree. Its seems like such a silly game but once you get started…..

  5. I have this on my laptop and I LOVE it! I will definitely get it for my BB. Thanks for this post!

  6. I agree, this is my favorite game! I love it on my Blackberry. So addicting!

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