AstraSync First Thoughts – Synching via Activesync Almost Here!

astrasync4 Astrasync is trying to position itself as the middle ground between BIS and BES. We have mentioned it before because we find the idea very interesting. Currently BlackBerry users have the choice Between email only BIS and expensive BES. They also always had the 3rd option of buggy SyncML which never worked for anybody. AstraSync is hoping to create a perfect middle ground by offering email, contacts, and calendar pushed to your device without BES. All for only ~$49 a year!

AstraSync from Mailsite is almost here; this application is truly the next evolutionary step in Blackberry sync technology via ActiveSync. What AstraSync does is basically handle your connection via MS Exchange 2007 or Mailsite’s Fusion server client to allow you to sync natively with your blackberry calendar, contacts, and email via Direct Push technology.

I’ve been beta testing this application for the last few weeks and my experience has been wonderful, actually liberating, its great to have my Outlook 2007 contacts, calendar, and email all synced to my Blackberry without a hiccup. Gone are the days of buggy SyncML clients often times duplicating or triplicating your PIM databases and putting your whole world upside down for a few hours (and I know some of you out there know exactly what I mean :) ).

With AstraSync everything is easy; put in your basic information eg. server, username, password, domain and that’s all, hit sync and your up and going and the rest is handled behind the scenes.  Astrasync will sync instantly as soon as a change is made in Outlook 2007 or Exchange 2007(Exchange 2003 is not supported at this time but MailSite is making every effort to support it in a future release).

Its blazing fast, I literally added a calendar event on my Blackberry 8310 and withing 10 seconds my Outlook 2007 Calendar was updated as well as my Exchange 2007 Calendar. I imported about 350 contacts in a few minutes 3-4 minutes tops. Now Blackberry users don’t need to have a BES account or even a BIS account to be able to sync to Exchange.

AstraSync will truly amaze when its released in the next upcoming weeks around August, the launch was suppose to come in July but Beta testing is still going on to refine some minor details. As you may understand the ramifications of this upcoming release are enormous and Mailsite wants to make sure everything is great. I want to give a special thanks to Dave Ryder and AmitPatel  :) for being so helpful with all my basic questions and support issues.

My setup: I can personally attest to the user experience with Exchangemymail. This company’s service is outstanding with a capital “O”. Their support is in the premiere category if such a category exists, I also want to thank Antonio Oviedo for his outstanding support service with my Exchange 2007 account and making sure everything was working flawlessly. :)

So folks, keep your RSS readers updated because AstraSync from Mailsite is coming soon.

Here are some screenshots:

astrasync2 astrasync3

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  1. You say it’s middle round to BIS and BES. Feature wise, how does it compare to BES ?

  2. Does AstraSync use the built-in BlackBerry mail client for syncing mail and doing push mail? Or does it have its own mail client? If it has its own, how do you like it? Does it compare well to the BlackBerry mail client?

  3. Can it work simultaneously with BES? I would like to push my home email/calendar etc in addition to my work stuff (BES).

  4. Does it provide full HTML with OS 4.5? Can you view download (pdf, doc, xls??) without BIS/BES?

  5. No it cannot do HTML e-mail, currently it can not download attachemnts but they are working on fixing that. They are trying to make it work with 4.1 so funtionality we see as part of the new os is not supported yet.

    Yes it will work simultaneously with BES. They still have development to do but they have the stepping stones there to make something great.

  6. Wow, that is quite interesting! I am currently struggling with syncML/outlook/funambol solution. I see there is an option not to push email with Astra, and only sync PIM. I would love to set this with Exchange, and keeping my BIS for pushing mail. Jorge, have you tried this ?

    What about the impact on battery life? And is it a true push solution (for PIM) ?

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