ActiveBerry Now AstraSync – Coming This Month

Activeberry_blackberryI know we mentioned ActiveBerry before as the upcoming ActiveSync application service for BlackBerry. I have been monitoring it closely and noticed that they have rebranded their product name to AstraSync. Not sure why. I kind of liked ActiveBerry.

They claim that the product will be available this month (July 2008) so we should be able to see it soon. It should still retail for $49 for 12 months. I will be keeping a close eye on this and will let you know when its released.

Description of AstraSync from their website:

AstraSync™ is a new software plug-in for BlackBerry® Smartphones that performs two-way over-the-air synchronization of email, calendar and contact data with a Microsoft Exchange 2007 or MailSite Fusion server.

AstraSync does this by implementing the Exchange ActiveSync and DirectPush protocols. AstraSync can be downloaded over-the-air and runs silently in the background on the BlackBerry® Smartphone. Users can configure the name of the ActiveSync server, their username and password and can select which data they wish to synchronize.

  • Synchronizes email, calendar and contacts over-the-air
  • Supports Exchange ActiveSync
  • Supports Exchange DirectPush
  • Supports secure https connection
  • Works with Microsoft Exchange 2007
  • Works with MailSite Fusion
  • Over-the-air download
  • Requires a simple one-time configuration
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    1. It seems that AstraSync, while it works FLAWLESSLY with your blackberry, has some very major drawbacks. For one, it runs on the J2ME interface, which implies some slowdown, and loss of battery life. For two, it does not sync with your messages box, so you only get notifications from the program. The icon doesn’t change when you have items waiting in your mailbox, and the red light does NOT flash when you have new messages that are unread.

      The major advantages is that it requires no BES server, read items appear read on your device, as well as on your mailbox (Outlook for example will show messages as read when you read them on your device.) It syncs calendar and contact items flawlessly, even though it does lack some fields, this isn’t a big deal since you don’t need most of them on your mobile device.

      It does not sync tasks or notes, but I can’t think of any ActiveSync devices (that aren’t windows mobile based) that do.

      Overall, very good, the major drawback is your inbox which doesn’t support HTML email or attachments.

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