Free Happy Bday America DOUBLE Zen Theme For 8300 & 8800

By now everyone (sorry non-Americans) is fired up, with their grills and plans for the 4th of July. So why not celebrate the 4th of July and show your patriotism on your BlackBerry as well with this nice theme by Mothy from


The theme has a nice a double sided Zen theme with a really nice picture of the USA flag as a background. It also has transparent icons that turn full focus once you scroll to it. The theme is fairly simple but very organized, no custom icons which is not a big deal since the standard icons do just fine. Sorry guys had to make a correction the theme is for 4.5 OS some of the home screen icons don’t appear on mine because I had deleted those applications from my BB. Let us know if it does work on OS 4.2.

The icons have an animation as you scroll through them they jump from the side to let you know which icon you are focusing at the moment. Mothy’s themes only come OTA so either head over to or hit this OTA link on your blackberry browser and give your blackberry a more patriotic look. Enjoy and have a fun safe holiday weekend for those of you that reside in the US and every one else too.

Thanks again Mothy! Let us know if you find any other 4th of July themes…

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  1. I just tossed this on my Verizon 8330 with Looks very clean and patriotic, however the faded icons (only fades native app icons, not 3rd party ones) are harder to find if you usually find an app by color (i.e. scrolled over BB maps a few times before i realized it was BB maps). I change apps too often to remember where they all are. Some being faded and some not looks kinda tacky too.

    Issues (don’t know if they’re theme problems or 4.5 ones)-
    -the right side only has 4 icons (think I deleted the apps for spot 3 and 5) so there’s a few dead spots where nothing is selected
    -cant customize which icons are on the home screen
    -when hovering over BB maps, the icon is still faded

    otherwise great job! sorry but i’m a bit picky to use it though. like i said it may just be 4.5, but i’m not going back to 4.3 cause it was way less stable, sounds backwards i know, but its true

  2. Hey guys yes the icons don’t show up if you have those certain icons deleted and the Themes does infact work with OS 4.5

  3. Can’t we get like a Stephan Colbert Theme to be super-patriotic?

  4. I couldnt do it, the icons arent organized in a manner that makes sense, i mean why isnt the address book by the mail icon and by the calander? It might be my crazy OCD but its like a hodge podge of mixed up icons of which most arent needed or wanted on the zen screen.

  5. Beautiful theme Mothy…
    And I would like to wish all our readers a Happy July 4th and may you all enjoy the holiday weekend…
    Greg Myers

  6. No, it does not work on 4.2 which sucks since we know it will probably be next year before Verizon comes out with 4.5 for the 8830

  7. 4.5 will be out this year for VZW. This quarter for sure. It is in the last stage of testing.

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