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Mypoynt7Review: MyPoynt Beta
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Once upon a time we had two notable applications like Berry411 and InfoSpace Find It that in their time we’re pretty good but as they say technology, technology, technology is always improving, the aforementioned applications are the dinosaurs of that era, now we have a new kid on the block and this kid is packing a “mean punch” its called MyPoynt, noticed the play on letters, I thought it was original, here’s a shot of how it looks on my Dimension L-theme in OS 4.5 Guys this application is FREEEEEEEEE


Check out the announcement page here:

Notice the cool icon, pretty nice, now when we first click the icon this is the first screen


then this is the 2nd screen, eye candy galore.



Above are all the main icons on Mypoynt notice the Yellow Pages, Movies, and yes Directions, its all very well laid out, great icons I reiterate one more time and let’s face it, it looks great. Notice the green icon on the top right, this dot represents your connected GPS location in Mypoynt, pretty cool, if the dot is red it means it still has not found your location.

Here we’ll type something, Winn Dixie is a Florida supermarket chain, just type your search in that line and click the trackball and that’s the image you’ll see.


You’ll get your result and checkout the menu corresponding to that result you can call, map route, map listing, map all, SEARCH FROM HERE – this is super awesome and so on. When you Map List it the search, guess what mapping application opens, BB Maps, isn’t that innovative, I think its awesome, why give us another mediocre built in map application when we have BB Maps

Mypoynt7 - CopyMypoynt8

Then if you’re familiar with BB Maps you know you have a multitude of options

Here is the movie icon, once you click you’ll see this and just follow along to get all your pertinent information and yes even buy your movie tickets through MyPoynt, pretty darn cool and very efficient.


Then finally the Direction icon


I give this application two thumbs up because it deserve this and more, I spoke to the yesterday and they mentioned that their search speed will increase soon, but guys, their search speed is already faster than anything out there eg. Windows Live Search, Yahoo Go 3.0 and others, this application is by far the fastest. So point your blackberry browser to and go find things, I’m sure you won’t regret.

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  1. Do I need a GPS Blackberry for this to work

  2. Honestly you dont, just type in your location for me I just typed in Jamaica, New York and it does what you need. Very hot app I love it now. I like that theme also I want it :-X

  3. every time i do a search it says my version of bb maps in incompatible? where can i OTA a the latest version of bb maps? anyone?

  4. Hi Carlos, you don’t need GPS for the app to work, you can manually set a location by clicking on the top bar and selecting new search location. Then you can search for an address, city, landmark, zip code etc.

    You can load bb maps through your desktop software that came with the blackberry. If you don’t have the desktop software, you can download it by googling this: blackberry software download . You must download the desktop software AND the device software for your phone.

  5. i got the same message about the bb maps being incompatible. i downloaded the bb maps through app loader on desktop software. im still getting the same message. im running 0s 4.5.33 on 8310

  6. We have a new release folks:
    – added favorites
    – added full integration with address book (search from a contact with poynt)
    – add a listing to the address book
    – manage your favorite locations
    – clear your search history (in options and settings)
    – manually change connection type (in options and settings)
    – bug fixes

    Download it here:

  7. What are the apps you have on this screen. I see MyPoynt, Remember the Milk, and Google Maps. But what is are the sun, checkmark, and callout box icons for?


    Raza Imam
    [email protected]

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