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IcprlogoRecently we have had a spur of mobile sites sent in to us to be mentioned on BerryReview and we are happy to oblige. The latest is a mobile browser based CPR guide for you to brush up on your CPR skills from your Berry.

The guide is quite good but I wish it did not have a black background. It covers all of the basics I learned in my CPR courses but it will never replace actual training. On the other hand I think it is valuable for everybody to know certain parts of CPR. Such as never performing chest compressions on somebody who has a pulse.

Once again I cant confirm the validity of the whole site but it looked good. Nice work!

Check it out at www.icpr.mobi

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  1. This is an excellent suggestion for all BB users not already familiar with all CPR techniques to add to our bookmarks. Since it comes in three sections (Adults, Children, Infants) it would be great to have some hotlinks to these sections rather than needing to scroll, but still if you read it once over, and maybe refresh hurriedly when you have to use it, one would hope you can make a difference. As the link suggests, the first thing you should do is dial 911, since you have your BlackBerry on your person anyway, right?

  2. Hello and thank you.

    I am the creator of iCPR.mobi.

    Thank you so much for featuring this on your site.

    I also certainly appreciate the feed back and suggestions for site improvements and enhancements.

    The background color was chosen to be black simply because that seems to be the trend. But, trends change and I am flexible.

    The site was done using Joomla and PDA template. The hotlinks to Adult, Child, and Infant is an excellent idea. I am new to programming and unfortunately do not know how to do this.

    But fortunately for me, plenty of help is available at Mobility.mobi. This is a forum dedicated to promoting, educating, and producing mobile compliant standards.

    Unfortunately I do not own a blackberry. But I do own the iPod Touch and the Helio Ocean. And that is the beautiful part of doing sites in mobile compliance standards…they work on all platforms and OS including your very own PC. So your mobile site is also a PC site.

    I plan on making the revisions for hotlinks to eliminate the scrolling. When you need this information you need it NOW and without delay.

    I have done perhaps 25 sites using Joomla.

    One site I would invite you to visit is SDCA.mobi. Although I own this site, I am not the developer. But you can clearly see what .mobi can be in capable hands.

    I invite you to visit Mobility.mobi for some first hand experience and sneak peaks at site in production or being released.

    Again, thank you for your comments and mention of this site of Berry Review.

    Best Regards,


  3. Just an added point of clarification.

    These are new guidelines adopted by the American Heart Association just this past March 2008.

    They are not intended for the medical professional but are rather intended for the “layperson” or “citizen” to render assistance. You will notice that one prominent feature missing is mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

    Too many people were not rendering aid due to the actual or perceived risks of doing CPR on a complete stranger.

    Thus, the new HANDS ONLY CPR. Keeping the blood flowing and the heart pumping until help arrives.

    Once again, thank your for the write up on your site.



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