AWESOME!!! Bell’s BlackBerry Unite Works On Other Carriers!!!

ScreenShot028I just got confirmation from one of our longtime readers, another Ronen, that the BlackBerry Unite version from Bell works on AT&T and is not carrier dependent!!!

Pretty amazing stuff. He got the Bell-Canada copy, installed it and it is working amazingly on his at&t blackberry. It looks awesome, can sync and share: Calendar, Contacts, access all your local PC files remotely, manage (wipe, lock, report on etc.) the devices OTA and more.

Only major disappointment is that it does not handle Tasks or Notes 🙁 Why would RIM ignore that part I don’t know. So it is not really a personal BES replacement but it is pretty close and free so can’t argue with that.

A friendly birdy told me you could pick it up from this link:

Anyways, just FYI , it is NOT carrier dependent (meaning you can download the Bell Canada version, install it and run it just fine, at least over at&t wireless) and does not require any carrier activation. You just plug your blackberry via USB once and activate it that way.

This Online Help link is only available post-installation:
You can get a lot if information from it.

Attached are a couple of screenshots (installation process).













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  1. For some reason, this changes my browser to Blackberry Unite and I cannot use my browser because it say something about an IT Policy violation.

    Also, I sent a couple of days worth of emails and facebook notifications….

    Anyone else have a similar problem?

  2. Also, I have an Alltel 8330 Curve

  3. This program made my browser, facebook, viigo, and most of my other applications unusable. all that has been disabled by the Unite IT policy and apparently there is NO way to undo that. WTF? what am I supposed to do? this is effed up RIM.

  4. Found very interesting info about this software locking security IT policies in place:

    I’d definitely make a backup before installing it.

  5. I can’t use my browser either. What the hell? I’ve even wiped it and its still the same old crap.

  6. Is there a way to synchronize an Outlook calendar with BB Unite? Its not clear from the doc I read on how to do it. The only reference I saw was for adding entries to the BB Unite shared calendar and having those go down to the BB. Thanks!

  7. I don’t know how to fix the brower bookmarks no longer working, but I remade some of my bookmarks and the new ones work. Still this is effed-up.

  8. Ok I just tried installing this all excited about it after reading a few forms on it. So I upload and install and follow the directions BUT….When i get too the registration part and type in my e-mail addy I get and Invalid E-Mail. SO….I tried using my Blackberry E-mail and I get this…..Unknown server error. So what Gives? Does it work or not? What am I doing wrong?

  9. I have the same problem with the registration page. No matter how many times I click Next I keep getting an “Unknown Server Error” message on the page. I clicked accept ActiveX controls but, everytime I load the page it says there is a problem with the page…so I don’t know…please help!

  10. The reason you’re not able to register the software despite filling out the forms is that your browser’s security settings are too set to high. You should see a yellow bar appear at the top of the IE window explaining this. You must reduce your IE settings to “Intranet” level security to allow the software to create the link between your BB, Internet, and PC.

  11. SJ: I have lowered them and it still doesn’t work. I get a yellow bar that says something about the page not working properly that the ActiveX control could be harmful or something like that…anyhow, lowering the settings didn’t work.

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