Gas Buddy to Go

gasbuddy_logo.jpg, a website devoted to finding you the best gas prices in your area, now has a mobile site…

With today’s high (and continually rising) gas prices, it’s a neat little way to locate the best gas prices while you’re on the road. All you have to do is point your Blackberry browser to and then type your zip code and up comes a listing of the nearest gas stations (providing a gas price has been posted for that particular station), their addresses and current gas prices so you can instantly compare. *Take note that next to each listing is a day/time which indicates when that particular price was posted. So, if it lists that the price posted on a Friday, and you’re driving around on a Sunday…chances are the price has changed (most likely gone up 🙂 ) . Something to keep in mind.

However, it can still be a handy-dandy little tool and it sure beats driving around the neighborhood trying to find the cheapest gas  😉

For more information visit their main website: and follow the link to ‘wireless’.

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  1. I have been waiting for this for a very very long time. I have been using GasBuddy for Austin and Dallas for years now, and have really needed a mobile version. Too many times I said I’d check online before I shut my PC down, and then would forget. Now I can check while walking to my car. I tried it and it works. Thanks!


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