Commercial Inspired 9000 Theme For BlackBerry 8300, 8700, & 8800

I had been waiting for JC Designs to expand his Inspired 9000 theme line before I posted this and he finally has. I first heard about this theme when Kevin mentioned it at the end of last month. The idea is that the theme will try to give you a BlackBerry 9000 look on your device. Pretty cool idea for those who have to have the latest and greatest. This has to be the first theme I remember that supports the 8700 but not the 8100. Weird.


On to the review. The theme comes in multiple different styles for the 8300, 8700, & 8800 including:

  • Inspired 9000 Icon
  • Inspired 9000 Today
  • Inspired 9000 User Zen
  • Inspired 9000 User 2 Zen
  • Inspired 9000 Abuser Zen
  • Inspired 9000 Abuser 2 Zen


The different Zen and Abuser Zen versions relate to different icons the the dock and a little different setup as you can see above. I love the icons and how the change when you hover on top of them. On the other hand the background is not my top choice. Personally I like icons with different colors so that they are easy to differentiate but that would ruin the 9000 theme. All in all this is a very slick design.

You can pick up each version for $7 at the BerryReview store. Don’t forget the 15% off coupon we have going now to bring down the price.

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